A good platformer not only requires a good gameplay experience in terms of level design and controls, but also need to do a good job of conveying an experience to the player. Leo’s Fortune [$2.99], with its beautiful visuals, well-done gameplay and its rich tale of redemption, does just that. Regardless if you’re a platforming veteran or novice, Leo’s Fortune is an excellent example of how iOS platforming should look and play.

Waking up one day with his vast riches mysteriously gone, Leo sets out on a quest to recover his fortune. A rolling mustachioed monster, Leo’s adventure spans five different regions, each with a breadcrumb trail of gold to follow. Cutscenes set the stage for each mission, as Leo encounters a variety of relatives that all seem to have some motivation for taking his fortune. Along the way, Leo will jump, inflate and interact with a variety of items, all in the name of getting to the next map.


As an adventure platformer, Leo’s Fortune has some minor exploration aspects in terms of making sure you collect all the gold (as well as other secret items) littered throughout a level. However, for the most part, Leo falls within the traditional platformer realm, with lots of traps to jump over and puzzles to solve that will open the path forward. That’s not to say it's a bad thing, as I really enjoyed the experience in Leo’s Fortune. Early puzzles act as simple tutorials but later puzzles do a great job of incorporating various physics systems and decent cause-and-effect relationships. I wouldn’t say Leo’s Fortune offers anything particularly new, but it’s certainly one of the more refined platformer experiences on iOS.

Meanwhile, I’m thoroughly impressed with both the visuals and music in Leo’s Fortune. Every level is meticulously detailed with beautiful backdrops, great weather effects, and a unique look across worlds that almost gives off a steampunk vibe in some regards. Every scene looks simply spectacular, and has a certain level of quality rarely seen in iOS games. One minor complaint I had is the fact that it can be hard to detect some of the traps, which can quickly put an end to a no-death run in a level.


With around two dozen total levels, content is probably one of the few areas of Leo’s Fortune that some players may have a complaint with. However, I think the amount of content is perfectly acceptable considering that none of the levels ever feel like “filler.” Missions are intertwined well with the game’s overall narrative via cutscenes and locale progression, and there’s plenty of variety in terms of puzzle selection to keep the entire adventure interesting. Finally, the game’s mission objectives (some of which can be quite tough) as well as Hardcore mode add further replayability should you need it.

Controlling Leo is one of the more interesting aspects of the game. On the ground, he’s quite ‘floaty’ and is able to accelerate rather quickly. In fact, there were a lot of times when I got a distinct Sonic feel when collecting gold coins. Meanwhile, in the air, Leo can inflate himself to lower the rate of descent. There’s something about the physics in running and jumping with Leo that feel a little strange, but once you get used to it he becomes very easy to handle. I liked Leo’s touch-based controls, but I thought the game controlled best with my MFi controller.

An excellent adventure platformer, Leo’s Fortune is a prime example of taking an established genre and simply taking the quality factor to an entirely different level. Gorgeous visuals and established gameplay featuring great puzzles are wrapped inside a cohesive narrative that drives the entire game. As mentioned earlier, there isn’t a lot here in terms of sheer innovation, but the execution is so top notch there’s really no reason not to check it out.

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  • mzinn

    I cant say enough about this game. It is simply brilliant.

  • HarryWarden

    Yeah, this is one of the best gaming experiences that iOS has to offer and the most fun I've had playing a platformer since the days of Sonic on Sega Genesis. A sequel would be most welcome.

  • Sickofit1928

    Good review. Does Leo's Fortune support the MOGA controller?

    • Dman

      According to the review, it does support MFi controllers so I assume your MOGA controller would work fine.

  • handycapman

    If I had one penny for every TA 5 star review I'd have 174 pennies.

  • GamerFirst1

    Glad to see this one get noticed. A super game.

    • bitbit

      Noticed? It's got an Editor's Choice feature in the app store

      • GamerFirst1

        But here it was completely overshadowed by

        Wayward Souls.

  • TTotully

    Awesome game, worth every penny. If u love platformers with puzzle aspects, this is an Instabuy! Btw it's absolutely gorgeous!

  • speedyph
  • http://doitbloggystyle.tumblr.com/ Nemerlebb

    Agreed. It doesn't seem like much at first glance but it gets you real hooked for time runs. Plus I spoke to one of the developpers and he is genuinely nice. Hope to see more of this studio.

  • rich_952000

    Anyone tried this game on an iPhone 4S?

    • selidor

      I've played through the whole game on my 4S and it runs perfectly.

    • bilboad

      Runs great on my 4S. Loading times between levels are a lot longer than on my iPad 4, but otherwise it plays just was well.

  • Ultima12

    I'm not really a big platformer fan but I may give this one a try.

  • Rothgarr

    The game was great and certainly pretty and with a fantastic story and voiceovers. But there wasn't a single challenge in the whole game -- it was way too easy to finish the story. The only challenge is if you go back to get three stars on each level or try to find all the hidden cogs.

    • http://twitter.com/nickzas zazzer

      Isn't that the challenge in most platformers?

      I for one am finding Leo's Fortune difficult to collect the stars. From what I hear, Hardcore mode is the *real* challenge.

    • bilboad

      Either you're platformer god, or you haven't tried getting even the second star (finish level without dying) for any of the levels. The whole point of playing platformers is to learn the levels well. The checkpoints are so close together in this game that merely finishing a level isn't a very great achievement. However learning the levels well enough to finish them without dying seems very satisfyingly difficult to me. So I'd say, at least get the second star for each level before declaring the game too easy.

  • Kacey

    Leo totally disappears and game closes in Section Six. Is this a glitch or am I missing something?

    • bilboad

      I just finished level 6 with no problem on my iPad 4. Sounds like you ran into a bug.

    • bilboa

      Update: I ran into a similar problem, but on level 7. I was in the mines section and suddenly Leo disappeared and the game froze. The music was still playing but otherwise the game was unresponsive. Quitting to home screen and going back to the game didn't change anything, so I had to force quit the game. I've retried the level a bunch of times since with no crashes, so it seems like a very intermittent bug for me. Is it happening to you every time you play that level, or just once?

  • Kacey

    Leo totally disappears in Section six and the game shits down. Is this a glitch?

  • Gaggilltron Vorgog

    Playing right now and love it. It's so pretty, and bright. A bit tough to control at times and the one hit wonders can make not deing tough. But no matter what is arguably one of the best performers on any smart mobile device.

  • Iustina Savu

    Anyone knows why leo stops jumping? I have been having this issue and cannot pass a level. My right controller stopped working and leo cannot inflate or jump anymore. Anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?

Leo's Fortune Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 5