‘Hearthstone’ Reminder: Ranked Season 1 Ends Tomorrow, Reach Level 20 For a Card Back

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cardback-rankedladderOf course it wouldn’t be a Blizzard game without loads of cosmetic junk to hoard, and in Hearthstone (Free) that’s coming via the added flavor of custom card backs. Similar to how you would buy card sleeves with a (at least in my embarrassing neck of the woods) scantily clad anime girl, in Hearthstone you can change how the back of your cards look to you and your opponent. Of course this provides you no real benefit aside from making your play a little flashier, but since when has that stopped anyone from farming cosmetic items in Blizzard games?

Anyway, ranked season 1 is ending tomorrow, and everyone who managed to hit rank 20 or better is going to be getting the card back you see above. The good news is, hitting rank 20 is very easy, as you basically just need to win ten times. Until rank 20, you don’t lose ranks when you lose games, so it’s just a matter of brute forcing out ten wins. I did it while unlocking the basic cards using incomplete decks.

Hearthstone is down right now for their weekly maintenance, but once it gets back online at 11:00 AM Pacific, there’s not much time to waste. I’m not sure when the season technically ends and rewards are handed out, but everything I’ve found just says April 30th, so, you better hit rank 20 today.

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