In case you missed the drama, following a botched launch that felt like a soft launch hardcore iOS gamers did what they always do: Download games using their New Zealand accounts the second they hit the App Store and start sharing their experiences via text descriptions, screenshots, and videos in our forums. FOX's reaction to this was to issue copyright claims, close Twitch channels, and basically swing their legal flail at anyone they could. Many TouchArcade community members were caught in the crossfire, but thankfully at least Twitch has come to their senses and restored the channels that were suspended as a result of FOX's legal hissy fit.

If this soiree hasn't left you, like us, with a worse taste in your mouth than epoisses cheese left in the sun too long, and you still want to support FOX by downloading the game… You're in luck. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff [Free] is now available on the App Store.


Featuring the same fan service-laden but mind-numbingly boring gameplay of The Simpsons: Tapped Out [Free], players users are put to the task of rebuilding Quahog via babysitting timers and spending premium IAP currency. If that sounds fun, and you want to support a company who answers enthusiastic gamers with legal abuse, go nuts.

Oh, and if you're considering downloading the game to leave a one star review, don't. Downloading a free to play game is the best thing you can do to support them as the only thing that matters when it comes to games like this is chart positioning which your single download ever-so-slightly contributes to.

  • nicoper

    We will see if more accounts get closed...

  • Ace43

    One word if asked if I'll be downloading this after FOX's maniacal rage against people for their own mistake.


  • thebassman

    Bwahahaha! I think this is the best article I've read on TouchArcade to date.

    "If that sounds fun, and you want to support a company who answers enthusiastic gamers with legal abuse, go nuts."

  • jumbopunch


    • while1fork

      Were you saying "Boo" or "Boo-urns"?

  • metvane

    A bunch of users on here are douchey anyways so hopefully they were the ones caught up. Still gonna give it a try

    • Cookies

      Given what that makes you sound like if it isn't, I'm really hoping that's sarcasm.

  • sivad

    Fox and this game will never be graced with my download, and I hope someone with ties to the company catches wind of this article because they screwed up bad... Worth noting, even if they weren't d bags about their game I wouldn't support garbage like this... Maybe they try to sue for for talking about about their game... Stupid company, stupider game...

  • 16bitAindo

    I'll be downloading just to leave a god awful review and mention what happened to those people that were screwed over by their mistake.

    I love Family Guy but let's face it, there is no way any f2p game released by Fox is even going to be remotely playable for any decent length of time without paying real money. I'm expecting a review along the lines of Dungeon Keeper some time soon.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Reviews don't matter, downloads do. User acquisition costs right now are around ~$1.80 a pop. You're basically giving them two dollars by downloading their game and assisting them in climbing to the top of the charts. Absolutely nothing you could write in a review could possibly counteract that.

    • mclifford82

      To add to what Eli said, more than likely the developer of the game had nothing to do with FOX's actions, and they're the only one that would read your review. Please don't misdirect your anger at them.

      You have PLENTY of avenues to let others know what you think about FOX's actions. Try to avoid this particular one; it does you no good.

  • Zeillusion

    Will not try after that stunt they pulled. A nice email to them quit raging peoples twitch accounts & youtube account. Totally uncalled for, boo!

  • H2OMobileGamer

    I already played the game for hours, the timers are ridiculous! This sucks. Well it is a freemium game so things like that are to be expected. But boy! The timers are real ridiculous! Tapped out's timers are shorter than The Quest for Stuff..

  • joselito

    Not only won't download it, I went the extra mile and deleted Simpsons, and won't download any other games from them.

    • icruise

      You realize Tapped Out is from a different developer?

  • HansKaosu

    I guess this game got tapped out.. oh snap

    • the_rebel14

      I see what you did there!

  • pajman sarafzadeh

    I am guessing there's more to this story than what made it to print.

    Regardless, I never quite understood why people pay for gameplay that is just about opening timers and paywalls.

    As long as the market supports this crap, companies will continue to make it.

    • Eli Hodapp

      It's a pretty typical story, really. Large publisher doesn't understand how the App Store works. We see it all the time, and if I had a dollar for every time I had to explain to an outfit like FOX "Well, no, you see, your game is actually available for download ~right now~ in New Zealand..." I'd be chilling on my yacht somewhere warm right now. It happens ALL THE TIME.

      What makes this story unique is it's the first time in the iOS world that this misunderstanding has resulted in legal action.

      • repapermunky

        You mean you don't chill on a yacht every day of the week?! I was really hoping I wasn't the only one...

      • pajman sarafzadeh

        Legal Action, ...for free publicity.

        Sorry to hear that, free publicity is usually awesome. Even a bad review gets people talking about your product and can lead to sales.

        Good luck Eli, in the future, if I ask for free publicity, please don't hesitate to publish my stuff.

      • joaquin_ondamoon

        That you know of.

  • Ramaz1234

    Thus it's a lot of fun! It's like Simpsons tapped out meets Zelda!(: loving it

    • Geertyy

      Stop it! Youre making me laugh harder than I should

    • theundertow

      I shall take your word for it!

  • godofodd

    Regardless of all the controversy, the game stinks. It's a convoluted, non-intuitive money grab.

    • sbnewsom

      So it's like Tapped Out but better...yet I never spent a dime. Right, more Blind ignorant hate.

      • godofodd

        To each his own, but my hate is neither blind nor ignorant. I tried it, it's garbage. Within the first five minutes of the game, you hit a 1-hour wait time for Bonnie to chug wine. That's not a game, that's a chore. I was hoping for some actual gameplay, rather than simple fanservice built around a freemium model.

      • Michael O'Connor

        No, its even worse than Tapped Out, by a measurable degree.

  • repapermunky

    By the way folks, like Eli stated, don't just download the game specifically to give it one star, as that actually *helps* the game out. If you want to hurt this network, and boycott them, *do not* download this app. I say this in case you read the comments, and not the article. In any case, I think the majority of us can agree, FOX made a pretty huge mistake/a lot of enemies by doing what they did. I know I won't be supporting them.

  • DanTheAzn

    Honestly I just play this to use the highest timed quests and then don't play the rest of the day...Or week. Good way to rack up coins.

  • CkX82

    Playing for 5 minutes cost me 9.5 mb of data ( it requires a constant connection) . This game is a dumb hole.

    • nicoper

      Protip: Use Wifi instead

  • razrie

    I hate to say it... But I honestly don't care about people who make nz accounts to play games early, even though they aren't in nz, and then stream or review the product early.

    Look at console games a lot of them have review embargoes etc, that they enforce just as strongly. So I don't see why people are crying here.

    And honestly this article is IMHO terrible and feels juvenile. And the hate against timers is stupid. Phone games are made for short bursts of play throughout the day or the weeks. They aren't console games where you sit for 3-10 hours and beat the game. People need to stop treating them as such.

    Look at Simpsons it has timers but I can literally pick it up and play for like 10 minutes or longer and still have stuff to do.

    This game so far IMHO is a lot of fun. And I find it genuinely funny.

    • Eli Hodapp

      So what's it like working for TinyCo?

      • Ramaz1234

        Obvisouly amazing, they just made the next best Zelda like game .

      • Eli Hodapp

        As long as Oceanhorn is GOTW, I can rest easy.

      • Ramaz1234

        more like W.A.T.H.T.C.O.H.A.G.O.T.W.

      • CkX82

        Nobody puts baby in the corner.

      • razrie

        Pretty good Eli. Honestly though, just a huge family guy and tapped out fan. So this game seems to be right up my alley. I won't go into this argument since I won't change anyone's mind and I don't intend to. Eli if you took offense I'm sorry. I love this site and you guys are very good at what you do. I just personally feel that looking at it from the outside in. Downloading from another countries store and streaming reviews and gameplay of a game that wasn't officially out, isn't exactly average joe on the street who's being attacked by fox. And as a review site you should have first hand experience dealing with that kind of thing, and understand companies can be aggressive about leaks. Do I think they overreacted? Maybe. After all I'm not really sure what kind of legal action people are up in arms about besides closed accounts and deleted videos. Which to me is a very common occurrence for breaking street dates on games. But their overreaction is human error, just like I feel the gamers here and the site are overreacting

      • witedahlia

        It wasn't just their reaction which was human error. Fox claims the game was put up on the App Store early due to a technical error. So no one stole it or downloaded it illegally. It was up on the store for anyone with a New Zealand account (resident or not) to legally download.

      • Michael O'Connor

        Except it WAS officially out.

      • powlicious

        Lol yeah, and WE should ask everytime now if a softlaunch (at this point it IS releeeeeeased!) is already released?

        To me, this sounds somehow stupid to me...

    • Ramaz1234

      I agree and disagree. Yes mobile gaming can be casual but that's still no excuse to make it freemium. I would've payed $3 for this game if it was infested with timers everywhere. And yes the TA article is alittle childish but so is fox taking legal action on innocent people.

    • Roger Bobdog

      I said this in the last post about this game, but again: embargoes are not legally binding, and even if they were, nobody that was hit had actually agreed to one. They only legally downloaded an officially released game from the official shop on their device. That doesn't constitute agreeing to an embargo, and it certainly doesn't circumvent your right to fair use. Even in the console space, the enforcement of embargoes is not so much a legal one as it is a "if you don't, we'll cut you out of the loop for preview/review materials on future games".

      Naturally, YouTube and Twitch are private companies and are free to set and enforce any sort of rules they like, but let's not pretend that people like HansKaosu committed any sort of legal or moral error.

      I also find your apparent dislike for digital importers interesting. Do you feel the same way about physical imports? If someone imports the latest Final Fantasy from Japan before its American release and puts up screenshots, videos, and/or impressions, have they done something wrong? How about if a European imports a Shin Megami Tensei game from the US and comment on it? Do you see the local import grocery shop with its shelves of Pocky, soy sauce, and Haribo gummi bears as some kind of wretched hive of scum and villainy?

  • Bliquid

    Every time i see Dungeon Keeper's icon in my downloads i feel shame and embarassement.
    I won't let it happen again.

  • Holcman

    The game isn't even featured in the App Store! It a appears even Apple noticed the problems with this game.

    • michaelfields

      App Store updates on Friday typically though, right?

      I really hope it's not featured tomorrow but I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

      • Holcman

        Well, the features already changed over here (different time zone maybe?) and it's not featured, yeah...

  • Mirkwood

    Eli, this charged up writing that's dripping with sarcasm is the kind of shit I love to read from you.

  • Alexythimia23

    Personally im not gonna download this sort of extreme freemium abused crap, but personally if anyones wants to download.. Do it guys, as you know sad truth is 86% of people out there apparently orgasm for a freemium game so i don't think we will even make a flea bite to their lack of sales and chart success, sad but true, as for me im out, gigigidy gigigidy

  • 5hift

    Game isn't even all that fun... Don't see why FOX made a bigger deal of it than it is. The screenshots of the game literally reveal NOTHING about the gameplay.

  • trazer

    Apparently it has not hurt them at all, 283 reviews now with a 4.5 star rating. Some more low votes are apparently deserved lol, from the comments here I don't see how it's so high already.

  • the_rebel14

    WOW! This is probably the harshest review against a game that I've seen on this site. I know why you did that but I don't think you can attack only this game for IAPS while games like Clash of Clans and Boom Beach get by unscathed... But I certainly will never touch this one.

  • magroski

    Still not available on Brazilian App Store

  • MaverickX12

    Wow, somebody's butthurt...

    The game is really good despite all the bullshit surrounding the launch.

  • Trentos

    Ba boooww! 🙁

  • Cookies

    Won't be going near that with a 10 foot pole.

  • John Dickerson

    I don't like how you only get have Facebook friends as other towns the Simpsons works better because your other towns are EA gamers. None of my Facebook friends are dumb enough to play, like me. :-p

  • David Villanueva

    Dammit. I downloaded the damn thing before knowing about all this bullcrap. Kinda feel guilty about it. Already deleted, but I still need a few showers.

  • Lickzy

    So I took the plunge and downloaded this game as I am a huge family guy fan. Had a 20$ itunes card so I bought a few coins and some clams to give the game a chance.

    After the game refused to accept my Facebook login, I used my google account . Immediately the game restarted, I lost all of my progress and IAP's....

    I should have listened and not downloaded this game to begin with.