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Beavertap Games Reveal ‘Mikey Hooks’ Sequel ‘Mikey Boots’

In a wise move of hyping up a game before Hodappy Bird swoops in and steals the show, the brain trust behind Beavertap Games have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to Mikey Hooks, Mikey Boots:

“More information" is coming “later this year," so we’re left speculating as to when exactly Mikey Boots is going to release and what boots have to do with anything. Either way, if you were wondering what was clogging up the production pipeline of Mikey Flapps, here’s your answer.

Oh, and if for some strange reason you’ve hopped to the other side of the smartphone platform fence and are using an Android device while being totally bummed out that Mikey Shorts ($1.99) and Mikey Hooks ($1.99) got left behind… You’re in luck. The porting masterminds at Noodlecake Games have brought both to Google Play. Here’s the links: