In a wise move of hyping up a game before Hodappy Bird swoops in and steals the show, the brain trust behind Beavertap Games have released a teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel to Mikey Hooks, Mikey Boots:

"More information" is coming "later this year," so we're left speculating as to when exactly Mikey Boots is going to release and what boots have to do with anything. Either way, if you were wondering what was clogging up the production pipeline of Mikey Flapps, here's your answer.

Oh, and if for some strange reason you've hopped to the other side of the smartphone platform fence and are using an Android device while being totally bummed out that Mikey Shorts [$1.99] and Mikey Hooks [$1.99] got left behind… You're in luck. The porting masterminds at Noodlecake Games have brought both to Google Play. Here's the links:

  • coolpepper43

    It just keeps getting better! But I was hoping for Mikey Flaps. WTF!?

    • Chris Brady

      Did you see the maps? And the jet boots? It's a Flappy-like. They're just wisely not using the word 'Flappy' in their title.


  • Maglor


  • repapermunky

    Noodlecake porting games to Android? Is this a common occurrence? I'm just curious, because I haven't heard of it previously. And is Noodlecake directly related to the two Mikes? Or did the just work together on this port? Meaning, do they publish these games or nothing? I hope someone knows, sorry for all the questions. Just really like both developers.

    • Ryan Holowaty

      I got you covered. So yea we port a lot of games to Android for indie devs and also help publish on both iOS and Android. It depends what they need. The Mikes are good pals of ours and so we helped them bring their awesome stuff to Android.

      • repapermunky

        Oh okay, awesome! Thanks for the answer, much obliged. Please, do keep up the awesome work. Love all of the NC games so much.

    • HansKaosu

      They are android port experts sort of

  • HansKaosu


    • Kane

      Calm down

      • HansKaosu

        I will do no such thing!

  • mclifford82

    I'm sure it's because I'm hardly a connoisseur of the series, but it looks identical to the other installments. Anyone mind schooling me on what makes this different?

    • Ramaz1234

      Miley Shorts= Basic Platformer with a dude in shorts

      Mikey hooks= Same thing but now with grappling hook

      Mikey Boots=same thing but now with anti gravity boots (:

      I am really excited

      • thiagovscoelho

        also you couldn't die in the first one

    • mikeg1234

      As others have said, the big difference is that there is a new playable girl character with a completely new mechanic: boosting rocket boots. Could probably be a new game in itself. Along with that we'll have the usual suspects: new obstacles, disguises, etc. Plus one goal is to make MB harder! And hopefully some other surprises that will be revealed in due time.

  • JC85


    • coolpepper43

      Or do you mean you peed your SHORTS?

  • Ramaz1234



    Wow looks cool it's like Platformer meets Zelda!(:

  • Anotherkellydown

    Go Mike M & Mike G!! Love the first 2 games! Looking forward to this one too! BTW love having you on the TouchArcade Show, Mike.

  • Josue Feliciano

    Happy to see Mikey Hooks on Android. Noodlecake is fantastic at doing Android ports, I almost always pick up whatever they put out, and have yet to be dissappointed.

  • Osborne195

    Uh...maybe it's the ROCKET BOOTS? This site never ceases to amaze.

  • xx99

    Game looks excellent guys, can't wait to instabuy the game and cheat menu (or whatever sensible IAP you implement this time around).

    If Mikey Flaps is indeed under consideration, a Mikey game where you have infinite double jumps would be badass. I freaking love games with lots of air control and multiple double jumps (Ogmo, Flywrench, Flappy Golf, etc.).

  • Ahmed90

    When are we getting the comic book?