Late last month, a very cool upcoming iOS game caught our eye. It was for an abstract, minimalist platforming game called David [$1.99] that, similar to its inspiration Shadow of the Colossus, had you engaging in a series of battles against massive bosses. The game was already available on Mac and PC, so I took that version for a spin and really liked what I saw, but I found myself wishing for the iOS version as it felt like a game that would actually be better on a touchscreen. Well, today I got my wish, as David has popped up in the App Store.

I've only spent a little bit of time with David so far, but already my feelings are confirmed: this game rocks on the touchscreen. Also, the physics feel especially good for a game like this, and I love the abstract visuals. Despite the characters being composed of simple shapes, they're animated beautifully which gives them a real sense of life. We'll continue to put David through its paces, but if you were interested in the game when we posted about it before and have a spare dollar lying around, give it a spin for yourself and check out more impressions in our forums.

  • JCho133

    This game is simply incredible, more than worth your time and money.

  • coolpepper43

    You have to get this. At a buck it's a complete steal.

  • Maglor

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  • SwithNova

    Very sceptical about getting this game as I knew right of the bat I was getting something inspired bye shadow of the colossus one of my favorite games growing up along with ico so it had big shoes to fill but David turned out to be well worth the dollar a good little platformer short but worth the experience

    • ImJPaul

      Holy run-on sentence!

      • coolpepper43


    • mclifford82

      Ewe've got sum good points they're.

  • KoRoV

    -.- if this is the future of ios gameing im returning to my nokia n70... At least there i can play quake, 7 days salvation, sc chaos theory, tony hawk, wwe and alot others good repetative games.

    • mclifford82

      Totally. Wish we had those games on iOS.

      Wait a second ...

      • KoRoV

        Excuse me but theres still no qulity complex horror advanture game like 7 days salvation (original silent hill alike) on ios with 20 hours gameplay; sc ct on s60v2 is pure ps2 port with all functions like every sc game on pc or console, 15+ hours gameplay, run-walk toogle, 3 vision modes, crunch-stand toogle, all usable utilities like trowing objects to distract, and gameplay metods and not like sc conviction on ios wich is pure simple short 3rd person shuter with run, shoot, hide behind opsticle system; and at the end theres still no quality wresling game like wwe aftershock on s60v2 with 3d gameplay, and all avaible unique moves and tehnicks and original enterances. And ofc no iaps in any game, just pure, long and fun repetative gameplay. But ok, at least there are some good fps and 3rd person shooter and action games on ios.

      • coolpepper43

        Holy run on sentence, Batman!

  • Connector

    Awesome game. Well worth the buck and then some.

  • Frost

    Yes! The PC version was lovable 🙂

  • JohnnyPark

    Amazing! It sort of reminds me of Continue?9876543210