Minimalist Platformer ‘David’ Hits the App Store

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Late last month, a very cool upcoming iOS game caught our eye. It was for an abstract, minimalist platforming game called David ($1.99) that, similar to its inspiration Shadow of the Colossus, had you engaging in a series of battles against massive bosses. The game was already available on Mac and PC, so I took that version for a spin and really liked what I saw, but I found myself wishing for the iOS version as it felt like a game that would actually be better on a touchscreen. Well, today I got my wish, as David has popped up in the App Store.

I’ve only spent a little bit of time with David so far, but already my feelings are confirmed: this game rocks on the touchscreen. Also, the physics feel especially good for a game like this, and I love the abstract visuals. Despite the characters being composed of simple shapes, they’re animated beautifully which gives them a real sense of life. We’ll continue to put David through its paces, but if you were interested in the game when we posted about it before and have a spare dollar lying around, give it a spin for yourself and check out more impressions in our forums.

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