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‘David’, a Minimalist Platform Shooter Inspired by ‘Shadow of the Colossus’, Heading to the App Store Soon

Fermenter Games have recently released a new game called David on Windows and Mac, and are readying a release for iOS. David is a minimalist action platformer, and like its inspiration Shadow of the Colossus, features a series of nine increasingly difficult battles against massive bosses. To combat those bosses, your tiny, abstract character will use a slingshotting mechanic inspired by Angry Birds. That might sound strange, but it totally works. Check out this brief trailer for David.

As mentioned, the game is out on PC, and I went ahead and TOFTT’d the desktop version to get an idea of what David is like. Long story short: it’s really awesome. The physics in the game make for a fluid experience, and although each boss is simply a mass of different shapes, their animation and movement give them a lot of personality. You can actually sense their aggression as they come after you, it’s really neat. The attacking has you holding down on your character to “charge up" a shot, then trying to fire it in the direction of each boss. It works incredibly well, but feels a bit cumbersome using a mouse and keyboard. This game will definitely shine on the touchscreen.

If any of this has captured your interest, then keep an eye out for David to hit iOS “soon" and be sure to keep tabs on the thread in our forums. Or, you can grab the desktop version on Fermenter’s website for a dollar right now and get an early glimpse of what’s in store for the mobile release.