Tiny Thief [Free], the first game under the Rovio stars program that stole our hearts just got a whole new chapter in its latest update. You’ll have to pay $1.99 to unlock it though but I’m sure it will be worth it. A new evil rises as a witch has kidnapped the King. You’ll need to save him in 5 new levels that are filled with magic and sorcery.

Here’s a teaser the full trailer of that update:

Block Fortress: War [$1.99] received a small update that fixed a lot of bugs but that added a new endless mode. When we reviewed it we thought it lacked some single player content so it should add some much needed diversity to alleviate the grinding.

Dungeon Hunter 4 [Free], Gameloft’s controversial freemium dungeon crawler now features four new dungeons that you’ll be able to fight through in single player or multiplayer modes.

Defenders [Free], a great tower defense, now contains a survival map that pits you against an increasing number of enemies in order to gain more money.

Castle Doombad [$2.99] just got a huge update that adds 15 new levels that you can play straight away and that changes a gameplay a bit. Instead of just protecting one princess, you’ll have to manage two of them. It also come with new traps and new heroes.

The Blockheads [Free] gets a lot of new toys in its latest update. You’ll be able to build staircases, elevators, columns. You’ll trade items in the market and you’ll paint some canvas using a picture from your iPhone. Huge update indeed.

Don’t hesitate to share more updates in the comments if we’ve missed any.

  • nini

    The Tiny Thief level pack is $2, not 99c.

    • starmonkey101

      which is ridiculous since I paid $.99 for 5 chapters... and now double for just 1?

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        I can't believe the gall of developers now days, looking to get paid for their work!

      • shadax

        Still a bit steep, relatively. Though, it's the relative prices that are a problem in the AppStore/Google Play. The entirety of the apps save for maybe 5% of them are squished down into this range of free -> 4.99. The larger portion are free -> 1.99. It created a really really shallow rubric and totally devalues the hard work for devs.

        I'm not saying I want to pay more, but it's really difficult to weed out which games are worth the price and which aren't, so seeing a price for an expansion DOUBLE the cost of the game itself, and for much less content, it's gonna be grumbled over.

        Hell I would have paid 10 bucks for Threes!, 1000000, and other great games I have countless hours in. Alas, that price would have scared most of their customer base away.

        I whole heartedly agree with you nonetheless, Eli.

      • http://www.facebook.com/2GMGames 2GMGRudy

        The relative prices you described above, basically came about from discover-ability, which is a mess on the AppStore. Developers generally put their prices low to be found, which now, cannot be found due to everyone having a low price.

        We released our update today, as well, for our game Blaster X HD, which has 400+ levels w/Zero Ads and Zero IAPs. Even being designed/focused for the iPad, with great reviews, being priced anywhere near the top of your specified range, equates to hardly any sales. To the point: there are just too many games on the AppStore, and a lot of really good games never see the light of day.

        I feel Technology will be the deciding factor in the future for games, and then we will start to see a better balance in what games are easier to find, along with more accurate pricing...

      • timmis6010

        Well Tiny Thief is originally $2.99 so you got it on sale. Maybe get the new level pack and just pretend you paid full price for it? I mean you'd still come out ahead and the game is preeety good. Or just complain. That works too I guess.

      • https://twitter.com/ScotDamn Scot Damn

        I know right? I got the game for free and they have the nerve to charge me for more content?!? /sarcasm 😉

      • markymarkanddafunkybunch

        You got it for free so your sarcasm is moot. If you paid $2.99, why would you pay $2 more for 1/5th ? I would have rather paid $10 and been done with it and let them update for free, not this crafty nickel and dime crap. This is trying to get kids to nag their parents, knowing full well that we'll cave to their demands. I just hate the tactic and the pricing of schematics. Both sides are justified in their arguments about dev getting paid and people bitching about the price but I lean on the side of people wanting a better price. It's whatever, the market will dictate how the company moves forward. They're gonna have to rely on people who got the game for free more so then the initial purchaser of the app. We call it "good will" in the business world.

      • superduck

        You paid $2.99 and got the game as advertised at that point in time. If you don't like them charging $1.99 for new level packs, don't buy it. Simple as that. This applies to everything. Don't like the price? Don't buy it.

      • markymarkanddafunkybunch

        No duh. Where did I say I was gonna buy it? Troll

      • https://twitter.com/ScotDamn Scot Damn

        No. I assure you I was being sarcastic. As far as the rest of what you said, I prefer not to argue for argue sake. Tootles.

      • pinpoint007

        Maybe you need to look up the business definition of "good will" again.

      • Seth Kiehl

        What's with the low reviews on the app store since the update? They're at 2.5 now. Is it because they charged for the expansion?

      • timmis6010

        Looks like it :/

      • Holcman

        Proof against those who deny the fact that 86% of people prefer free games on the App Store... :/ I don't really agree with it, though.

  • Fangbone

    Bug Heroes 2 also just got an awesome update which adds an all new TD mode with a new hero exclusively for the TD mode. They also increased the number of quests that are active. If you don't have this game already, it is a STEAL for $1.99.

    • Clement Renaudin

      It was mentionned on another, separate news 🙂 But I agree, that's a steal.

  • BrettArchibald

    Cut The Rope: Time Travel also got an update.

    • shadax

      Are these games still fun? I got really burned out on the first one, but maybe it's because I focused so much on getting 3 stars for each level.

  • BalckJoe Joes

    Best iPhone 2048 game ever! "You cannot lose! It's free and beautiful!"


    • xx99

      *fart noises*

  • https://twitter.com/ScotDamn Scot Damn

    Undead Slayer received a few big updates, most recent 3/17. It's a great fight/action game for free.

  • shadax

    How's that TD game? Not willing to risk 4.99 especially with IAP... The option to tip the difficulty towards easy has an impact on the gameplay without IAP, and it's to get people to spend money, generally speaking.

    Anyone especially enjoying it?

    • shadax

      I should clarify, devs should be compensated for hard work, but the game needs to be built around fun and the overall experience, not so much on profit that's taking away from this

    • Flare_TM

      I've only played a bit of it but the production values are top notch, it was a steam game after all, I'd say check out the TA forums for more impressions

  • Flare_TM

    Thanks for the article Clement!