Cipher Prime, makers of awesome music-based iPad games like Fractal, Splice and Pulse, have announced that their latest release Intake is making the jump from desktop to iOS. So what is Intake? Well, to quote Cipher's eloquent description from the original YouTube trailer embedded below, they describe it as "If Dr. Mario and Ikaruga had a steamy dubstep tryst, Intake would be their lovechild." I am… strangely sold on that description alone, but check out the trailer too.

About the iOS version, Cipher Prime states "We've revamped Intake's color-switching pill-popping gameplay for a multitouch platform, and the game will have all the core features and content of the desktop version and updates." In addition, it'll feature Game Center integration for leaderboards and achievements. As to when Intake will be launching for iOS? All we know is "soon" but we'll keep an eye out for a definitive date and will be sure to give you the heads up when it launches.

  • spader623

    Why did they have to use dubstep? Everyone's using it for EVERYTHING. It's just so annoying... Then again, it's not aimed at me so I guess I shouldn't complain. Still, wish they'd used a different type of musk .

    • riggysmalls

      I think their taste in musk is perfectly fine, and that they smell quite pleasant really.

    • spader623

      Grah. Autocorrect. I meant music.

  • PotatoMan

    I thought "Dubstep Shooter" meant something else...

  • Ramaz1234

    Make a Shooter ame based off of Trance and I'll get it c;.

    • Ramaz1234


    • Olip96

      while I am a huge Trance fan, I certainly did not dislike Intake's soundtrack. I honestly think people should stop seeing Dubstep as the Skrillex shit and open their mind, there are quite a few good tracks out there (and that comes from someone who used to execrate the genre).

      Though I do really prefer Dubstep when incrusted whithin a Trance piece, or when it has obvious Trance influences. :L

      • Ramaz1234

        Trance is da best maaaan c: but I love all EDM even Dubstep. Actually Skrillex and zZomboy are my favorite haha.

      • FookedonHonix

        Yea, most people that think they know dubstep don't even know who Burial is.

  • Donny K76

    Looks great to me. So tired of these dungeon RPG games in the App Store.

  • FookedonHonix

    If this was also reactive to the music that would even be more awesome. That makes the music more meaningful and functional in a game rather than just being a backing track to assist in creating the moodatmosphere.