Trials Frontier, Redlynx's mobile extension of the famous console series which was announced at E3 last year, will be available on April 10th the company announced this week. Trials Frontier was received with mixed feelings when it soft launched in a few countries last year. Offered for free, you’d use fuel to complete tracks and get parts for your dirt bike. It looked good and kept the same gameplay that made it successful on other platforms, but alas the freemium elements weren’t properly balanced. You’d often run out of gas, and you’d bump your head over the extremely difficult challenges that required you to grind a lot to upgrade your bike without dropping some cash.

However, after a few updates while in soft-launch, the game introduced some new mechanics that made the whole system better, even though some complaints still remained. Now the game is about to launch and I’m curious to see if there's been any other major changes to the business model in Trials Frontier for its worldwide release on April 10th. So keep your engine running, your eyes peeled on this thread and let’s hope you don’t run out of fuel by then.

  • cobbyco

    I've played the game: it didn't feel challenging enough and had too big a focus on missions.
    No doubt it's a solid iOS game, but I'm not sure it can hold the 'Trials' series title.

  • scrotally

    I've played so much trials on console and have been waiting for this forever. Very excited yet disappointed to hear about the fuel thing. Is fuel on a timer or how does it work?


    Wow, i've had this game for a really long time
    Geuss its the Canadian release

  • CooleTeeps

    Really? freemium???!!! Nooooooo!

  • oddyoh

    The old west style is weird, don't really care for it. And there is too much tapping on menus between the races. Dissapointing.