‘Guitar Hero’ is Closing Up Shop on iOS at the End of the Month

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Guitar Hero ($0.99), once the rockstar of the rhythm genre, has fallen from grace since Rock Band took the world by storm. Now, after Rock Band was killed on iOS in 2012, Guitar Hero is also getting removed from the Appstore.

Not only that, but all DLC is going to be pulled by the end of this month on all platforms. You’ve still got a few days between now and March 31st to download the mobile version of Guitar Hero that was released four long years ago when the Appstore was still so young.

It’s not the best rhythm game on the App Store, but it was quite fun at the time and it still rocks a solid line up of bands from Soundgarden to Coldplay.
The game is discounted down to 99¢ and you should come by this thread if you want to commemorate with us.


  • Guitar Hero

    This app will no longer be available after March 31, 2014. It is currently available at a discounted price of
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