You might have noticed lately, especially if you followed our GDC coverage last week, that pixely dungeon crawlers are so hot right now. Back in January, we told you about a new one called Quest of Dungeons, which appeared to be a very straightforward roguelike with a nice sense of humor and a great look. Well, if you've been looking forward to it, Quest of Dungeons [$1.99] officially launched in the App Store yesterday. Here's the trailer.

Based on the early impressions in our forums and my own brief time with the game, Quest of Dungeons is pretty much what I expected it to be, a straightforward dungeon crawler. It's not heavy on features or any massive changes to the roguelike formula, but it's a ton of fun. There's four different characters to play with, plenty of loot to find, and lots of dungeon space to explore. I also really love how quick the character movement is, as sometimes these types of games can be a bit too slow for my taste.

If you're interested in a new dungeon crawler, for a couple of bucks Quest of Dungeons should fit that bill nicely for you.

  • Slothwerks

    Before anyone asks, the sprites are designed by Oryx. Oryx sells the sprites (at a very reasonable price!) as high-quality sprite packs for developers to use in commercial products, such as this one. While you may have seen some of the sprites before in other games, the sprites were not stolen.

    Now that that's out of this way, looking forward to playing this tonight! Been following the development on Twitter @DJ_Link for awhile now, and it's awesome to see it finally come together.

    • Pete Osborne

      I've been contemplating writing something similar in every thread for games that use Oryx sprites - it comes up every time and people clearly don't listen to the explanation as it comes up in the next game as well lol. Thanks for taking the time to answer it!

    • Be-Rad

      Do people mind if these sprites are used in multiple games?

      As a developer I'm wondering if it's a big deal to players if they see the same art in multiple games and whether or not it's a huge turn off.

      • anabolicMike

        Honestly? It makes me feel like they are all the same game. :/.

      • Be-Rad


  • baldeagle86

    If pixely roguelikes are Hansel, what is Derek?

    • Jared Nelson

      A not yet realized gaming genre called "Magnums"

  • Amenbrother

    Pretty good game! I started playing last night and got hooked and stayed up later than I should of lol....

    • Jetjet

      Any IAPS ?

      • David Amador

        No iAPs, no Ads 🙂

      • Jetjet

        Great ! Downloading right now !

  • elijahca

    I'm so glad pixely dungeon crawlers are in right now -- most of my favourite iOS games fall under this category!

  • REkzkaRZ

    Yeeeesh! I was interested when reading the text, but watching the demo quickly calmed any desire I might have to play.
    What the heck is going on? I understand that we enjoy 'retro gaming', but there's no need to sacrifice features like ... ANIMATION? Let the avatars MOVE!!!
    I'm not even a 'graphics' person for games, I feel like that's the least important aspect for many games -- but I see it as missing in this game. Dunno. I'm interested to hear how players have enjoyed it?

    Meanwhile, DarkStone was re-released for mobile, and this game has *great* graphics for the time, but now they are dated -- but the gameplay is really fun. Some of the control failings are annoying, but it's still great. And it's free. 'Nuff said.

    • Jeremy Downey

      When it comes to roguelikes, your lucky to get graphics at all. Traditionally, they're rendered in ASCII.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Try Wazhack: it's beautiful, 3D and animated, and 100% roguelike.
        You are describing *ORIGINAL* rogue-likes (I played Rogue btw on Apple IIe -- a lot). Updated games use graphic tilesets, no need to do ASCII anymore.
        ASCII games are throwbacks or lazy programming. At least put a tileset on top of the ASCII!!!

    • Jeremy Downey

      This is what such games traditionally look like:

      • REkzkaRZ

        That's what they *USED TO* look like. You can play Dungeon Crawl Stone Stoup and go ASCII, sure. But guess what -- you can also play with graphics! Graphic tileset.
        I know many cellphones are graphically weak, but most smartphones can handle a 2D tileset.
        ASCII is inexcusable in 2014 -- even for a straight port.

      • grzes_l

        Somehow "inexcusable" looks ridiculous to me.
        Maybe this game is just not for u, what means your activity is "inexcusable" in this thread.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Don't think you understand the difference between a valid critique and a personal attack.