TurboDismountLogoOne of the quirkiest and most oddly entertaining iOS games is Secret Exit's Stair Dismount [Free]. The original Stair Dismount dates all the way back to 2002, and sees you pushing a helpless crash test dummy-like character named Mr. Dismount down a flight of stairs and racking up the most damage possible to his body. It used rag doll physics so the dummy's tumble often resulted in hilarity, and there was a twisted sense of satisfaction as you inflicted injury on poor Mr. Dismount. Shortly after the original Stair Dismount came Truck Dismount, which again tasked you with inflicting as much damage to Mr. Dismount as possible but this time gave you a vehicle, ramps, and booster pads to do it with.

Fast forward to GDC 2014 and Turbo Dismount is something of a hybrid of Stair Dismount and Truck Dismount. The goal again is to hurt Mr. Dismount as much as possible by forcing him to get into an auto accident. There's a ton of different levels which feature various types of intersections or other setups to launch your vehicle off of, and there's ramps, booster pads and other objects which you can use to set up the ultimate crash. There's also a ton of different vehicles to put Mr. (or Mrs.) Dismount in along with a variety of different positions for them. Basically, it's an auto crash simulator with tons of options, and it's a hell of a lot of fun to play. Check out our lengthy video where Jani from Secret Exit and myself get wrecked over and over playing Turbo Dismount.

The iOS version of Stair Dismount arrived all the way back in November of 2009, and is one of my favorite iOS pastimes. It's been updated a ton over the years, and features many, many different levels and playable characters. If you haven't played it before, check it out, it's free. We checked out Turbo Dismount at GDC last year, and it was a very different game back then. While I really liked what we saw then, I'm really happy with the direction Turbo Dismount has gone and the state it was in when playing it at this year's GDC. It should hopefully arrive on iOS in the next few months, and for a brief teaser check out the web demo which you can find at TurboDismount.com or you can buy the Early Access version on Steam.

  • rich_952000

    Been waiting on this game, can't wait any longer...

  • grammatonfeather

    Can't see any game there. No skill or challenge. Watching a car crash over and over looks boring as hell.

  • c_biskit

    Looks really fun! I'll drop a few bucks on this!

  • Collin

    I've been playing it for a while already on Steam, and while it was fun at first, the fun didn't really last. Like Grammatonfeather says, there really isn't much skill to it, apart from timing the gas. It's more of a somewhat interactive physics toy. I suppose there is high score chasing, but that's pretty much it, and with so little control, that's mostly luck.

    I think if they were to allow you to control the vehicle directly, rather than choose a preset path and a random starting speed, it would add quite a bit to the game. As it is now, depending on the price that it releases for, I'll probably pass when it comes to iOS.

  • JCho133

    I liked the original concept for Turbo Dismount better. The one they showed at GDC 2013