Hey guys, just a heads up to our readers that next week GDC is underway and both Jared and I will be there reporting live. If this is your first TouchArcade GDC experience, expect loads of content from us as we meet up with developers who are showing off their exciting new games. Connectivity in San Francisco is always an interesting challenge, so we might have loads of video content, or we might just be tweeting a lot about how much we'd love to upload our video content. Either way! It should be fun for everyone.

If you're a developer attending either event and you have a cool new game to show us, feel free to get in touch with me to schedule some kind of meeting. I've found the easiest way to go about doing this is via instant message I prefer Google Talk as everyone and their brother seems to have a half dozen different Google logins these days. My username on Google Talk is the same as my email address which you can get by solving this CAPTCHA.

Be prepared to pitch me on what you plan to show off, as we're being extremely selective this year with the limited appointment slots that we have left. If you don't have a new game to show off and instead just want to hang out and grab a beer, that's cool too. You can follow what we're doing by following @hodapp and @jaredta on Twitter.

Last, but not least, while we're not having a "formal" party this year, we're going to be doing a bit of a low key get together on Thursday night starting aruond 7:00 PM or so at Bin 55, which is the bar inside of the lobby of the Marriot Marquis. I figured we'd take over some tables, get some beers, and hang out. It's basically the same thing we've done in the past, but we're not publicizing it as much so hopefully it stays off the party lists and isn't full of people who have no clue what TouchArcade even is.

I'd love to say we'll be streaming stuff on our Twitch channel next week, but that'll take the stars aligning like never before for hotel WiFi to make that happen. Either way, stay tuned for some radical GDC coverage starting Monday morning next week.

  • Geertyy

    This will bring back the TA plays with Eli AND Jared! 🙂

  • sokae


  • http://PixileStudios.com/ Michael

    Looking forward to seeing you there! The TA party was a lot of fun at GDC 2012. Excited to be able to make it again this year.

  • Boris Nguetie

    if you find MC5 or god fire there..make sure to play and record the hell out of it!!! Actually steal the device!!

  • Mess

    Sounds like a lot of fun! Shame I am on the wrong side of that big load of water between the UK and US 🙁

    • Alexythimia23

      I was thinking the same thing, TA you need to come to the U.K!! Lol

  • TomCrown

    I know TA is iOS centric but can you ask the people at Ubi why there has been no Mac releases for AC 3, AC 4 and Watch Dogs?

    Watch Dogs is going to every platform including the Wii, but not Mac. Who is going to play Watch Dogs on the Wii?

    • ChilLama

      Most game developers don't bother making their games for mac. Most of the games on mac are ported over by dudes like feral interactive, aspyr.. Annnd a couple of other peeps.

      • ChilLama

        Feral interactive is by far the best out of the lot. The rest of them port rather poorly or satisfactory, meaning they don't play as good as they should on your machine. Supreme commander on mac for example

      • TomCrown

        Blizzard, 2K, EA, Crytek, Square, Warner Bros, Most Indie's all have policies in place to release Mac ports, Ubi's policy seems to not exist these days.

        All devs are moving to cross platform engines Mac/Linux/PC/Xbox1/PS4, Unity, Cryengine, Unreal 4, Idtech, Frostbite and I believe Anvil, but still no word on an current Ubi ports?

      • mclifford82

        I think ChilLama thinks it's still 1996

      • Delcast

        Agreed, but its true that performance is in general much much lower ( I have benchmarked several games in my mac and in the bootcamp pc partition with WIN 7, and the windows version ALWAYS perform better, sometimes more than twice the framerate at the same graphical quality), possibly because of how slow and bureaucratic the driver update process within Apple is.

        And also in general the ports take a few weeks / months to even come through. It's simply a reality that PC is the established computer gaming platform.

      • Moonraker

        Not always. I recently benchmarked beta Elder Scrolls Online with Mac & PC client via Bootcamp. Also posted Unigine Heaven results which show the difference is not great even with DX11 v OpenGL.


        Mainly due to native Mac client and ZOS commitment to Mac port by experienced Mac developer. I agree Apple have really slacked in driver support. But disagree on the future. With Mac development now & support in Unreal Engine 4 announced today, CryEngine also announced to Linux support at GDC and likely Mac support to follow (probably in Kingdom Come: Deliverance first); Valve push with Steam OS bringing further development of Linux/ OpenGL.

        There is an understandable malaise bred from years of ambivalence on Apples part to OS X as a gaming platform, some poor and over-hyped ports etc. Even through that there have been some bright spots. Now with iOS driving mobile gaming and the other technological changes mentioned, perhaps it will turn Apple head and the Mac press and users will once again start to beat the drum in this new world of opportunity for Mac gaming.

  • geno11233

    What developers/games are on your list so far for coverage??

  • vicsark

    I guess you'll see @eeen who'll show you their latest pixel art NimbleBit game "Vegas"
    So will it be Tiny vegas or Pocket Vegas? 🙂

  • Delcast

    Hey I might drop by , I'll be around GDC.. and I don't think i have anything scheduled on thursday... sadly our next game is still in no showing state (FOR A WHILE), unless you want to see the upcoming update for Tap & Blast .. but no real new stuff.. In any case.. hanging out sounds great.