Is your spider-sense tingling? Well you should probably get that checked out, because you are not Spider-Man. But if you were Spider-Man, that tingling sensation would likely be due to the fact that there's a new The Amazing Spider-Man movie coming out this year, and Gameloft is working on a movie-tie in to launch right alongside it. Similar to their 2012 release The Amazing Spider-Man [$6.99] which coincided with the first movie, Gameloft's The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be an open-world brawler with an even greater scope and level of detail than that of its predecessor. Check out the trailer.

The iOS release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will feature an original story inspired by the film, and you'll battle against villains like Electro and Green Goblin as well as many others from the franchises 50+ years of history. The first The Amazing Spider-Man game wasโ€ฆ not great, but it seems to have done quite well despite that. Here's hoping to an improved experience with the sequel, which is set to launch in the App Store this April.

  • bigrand1

    Want more! That trailer didn't show me much of anything. Talk about a 'teaser'!

  • sokae

    Mobile games have come a long way.....

    • MaqueGenio

      Please.... This is not a game i would say that is raising the bar for anything on mobile. If anything it looks like a reskined TASM, a mediocre game at best.

      • Michael Graham Jr

        Hate much

      • Suji

        a mediocre game is a game. your statement is invalid.

  • speedyph

    I hope it's not free to play like Thor WUZ

    • B30

      It's a movie tie-in game from Lamesoft, what do you expect?

    • Guest

      It won't be free to play like Thor, TASM2 is premium.

    • Ryan

      Bleh double post because I forgot to sign in >.< But TASM2 will be premium, not freemium like Thor. (:

      • ZarieoZ

        I'll now finally add it to my TA watchlist. When I read about it a few months back I was "meh it's Gameloft, it's gonna be freemium" it was shame cause then I wished another company would have took the licensing. Cause this game felt like a missed opportunity to me, & took some effort to resist adding it to my watchlist. Thanks for the good news, I'll now smash the watchlist button.

      • Ryan

        Glad to hear it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • koryc

    I had a blast with the original amazing spider man game as well as the dark knight,really hoping for a premium experience

    • Ryan

      It will be premium (:

      • iValerio1990

        Premium like asphalt8!?! Dont make me laugh please...

      • Ryan

        Nope. No laughing here.

  • curtisrshideler

    I was hoping this would be coming. I bought the first one but haven't played it yet. Still enjoying Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and TDKR. But, man, I do hope it is a premium title. TDKR felt so much more solid than GL's f2p stuff. And even though a friend of mine dressed as Spider-Man just recently accidentally blew out my knee... I guess I'll play through the first one to see if I'd like the new one too.

    • TheMerc

      Yep, it's premium ๐Ÿ™‚ Check out the thread on the Upcoming Games forum.

  • bigjack66

    I hope it's a proper game and not just some crap like Arkham or Iron Man 3. Something like TDKR would be fine.

    • Ryan

      It's more in line with TDKR and the first TASM game we made (:

    • Onikage725

      I like IM3! But yeah, a proper action game would have been nice.

  • Jake7905

    The first game was more mediocre then amazing, but I'm always willing to give Spider-Man a second chance. That's assuming Gameloft doesn't maintain their recent hard-on for free-to-play games.

    • Ryan

      This game won't be F2P, it'll be premium.

  • otakuzod

    Sounds more like Bad Video Game Sense is tingling...

  • Boris Nguetie

    good news i hope they improved a lot of stuffs! the swinging still looks the same thought (animation), there are new combos which is good sign. i wasn't able to see any graphical improvement...And on top of all the city better not be dead this time

    • Themostunclean

      You can actually draw a pretty good comparison between the shots they show in the trailer and the screens on the original's page on the App Store. From those, and memory, this is what I was able to see-
      -High resolution reflections
      -Full, real-time shadow casting
      -Better draw distance
      -Bump mapping
      -HD textures
      Not that all the graphical tweaks in the world will make it a good game. The first was mediocre, much like the movie. I'm hoping the new one (the movie that is) will be better now that they won't be wasting our time showing us the same backstory for the billionth time.

  • Taclys

    An original story inspired by the movie? Yeah, this will be awful.

    • Earth Vs. Me

      Yeah, that means Sony wouldn't give Gameloft the script, so they winged it.

      I remember playing their TDKR game and thinking "Wow, they were WAY off."

      • Ryan

        Actually, we did have access to the script (: One of the game team members just confirmed it for me!

  • iValerio1990

    I think that game will be "premium" at the begin like asphalt 8..everyone with a brain understand that asphalt IS NOT a premium game

  • jammyman

    Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for MC5 -.-

    • Earth Vs. Me

      I'm sure it's being developed as we speak. Or type rather.

      • jammyman

        Yeah supposed to come out this month but no official release date

  • ImJPaul

    The original would have been good had they polished it and looked for at least mediocre voice actors.

    • Ryan

      Definitely check out TASM2 then! It will feature a lot of polishing and improvements from the first game. One of those improvements also happens to be better voice acting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jamieladc

    Gameloft? No thanks

  • tommet

    Gameloft? Master of f2p? I'll let someone else see how essential the IAPs are for this "premium" game before I get remotely interested.

  • DaQuieTruth

    Whats the price that's all I want to KNOW?

  • Psac42

    The original was great, but it was definitely fun and enjoyable. It was a neat experience to do real webslinging around New York (or a very close facsimile). I'll buy the second and give it a chance.

    • Psac42

      There was supposed to be a "not" in front of great. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • BulkSlash

    I really enjoyed the first game. While it was a bit rough around the edges, I found the free-roaming coupled with unlocking powers and levelling up Spider-Man to be good fun. I'll definitely be buying this when it's released.

  • surirav

    Like all games of gameloft fucking gold diggers.
    Harte in-app shit.
    The latest and best game i played was asphalt 6.
    You could earn 300000 $ in a race and now only 1000.

    • WillCN

      Watch the language bro...

  • ridiculocity

    I enjoyed the first premium game. Hope this is premium also and a little more polished.

  • Sekelani

    I want more. I'm definitely getting this when it gets released.