image001Moga is already prepping a follow-up to their Moga Ace Power iOS 7 controller which they released this past November. Unfortunately, the only real details we have are from gleaning the accompanying teaser image. You can see on the left grip of the controller the letters "B-E-L" which makes me think this might be called the Rebel. You can also clearly see a Bluetooth button, so this new controller will likely connect that way as opposed to the Ace Power which required a Lightning connection, which means it should be both iPhone and iPad friendly. Finally, the center piece of the controller looks like it might swing out to produce a device-holding clip, similar to some of Moga's Android controllers.

The Moga Ace Power was a somewhat decent device, with the biggest drawbacks being its device-cradling design which meant it wouldn't work with iPads unless you used some weird Lightning cable workaround, and its flimsy build quality, especially in the face of it being an $80-$100 piece of kit. I'm really hoping this new device has a more solid build. Moga will be giving hands-on demos of the new controller at GDC March 17-21, so I'm sure will have plenty more on this mystery controller then.

  • FuurinRei

    already? I assume this will be Bluetooth

    • Chungston

      There is a Bluetooth button

      • ODMay

        next to the left analog stick

      • subshell001

        on top of the controller

      • IAmTheNightRider

        in the image

      • Ivaylo

        within this article

      • H4nd0fg0d

        Viewable by the human eye.

      • Joe Welke

        which you have just read.

      • jdmvette

        If you have eyes.

  • ImJPaul

    Yep. Now that there looks like an official, quality product right there. Yup. 'murica.

  • Mhunt190

    Moga "For $100 this controller can be your!!!!!" Me "no thanks , I don't need you controller at that price point! I ll by something better with my $100!"

    • Boris Nguetie

      what about 99$ ?

    • ODMay

      1000 coin iAP for 2 characters? 😛

      • Morgan01

        Sony and XBox wireless controllers for about $50, yet wireless controllers for IOS at $100, talk about monopolizing.

      • H4nd0fg0d

        New xbox troller $39.99, Walmart.

  • iAjent

    If this controller comes sans battery pack then it could be priced aggressively. If they manage to hit a price point of £50 I'm in. If only for use with GBA4iOS (which is a completely awesome app...)

  • Gregz0r

    The SteelSeries Stratus has the right formula, for me. It's size makes it as portable as my iPhone and iPad. Even carrying a PS3-sized controller is too much.

    • Dan Damage

      Agreed... it's high quality and small to take anywhere

  • SpacePenguinBot

    It looks like they are starting to get the right idea. All we need now is good build quality and a reasonable price.

  • Grits n Gravy

    Concave dpad and flat tumbsticks, eww...

  • zen

    make it cross platform! its goddamn bog standard bluetooth - it should work on my pc, my android phone AND my ios device! dont pick just one platform - think of the sales you would get if its cross platform! im not going to buy your other controller cos its android only!

  • bilboa

    Looks like Xbox layout for the analog sticks, and other visible controls. Looks like it'll be similar to the recently announced Madcatz controller. I'll guess it'll be priced the same as well, $80 max.

  • zergslayer69

    I would very much appreciate it if they made one controller work with both ios and android. Really wish my power pro could pair with my ipad.

    • MarkMorrison1976

      That would be the DualShock, no?

      • zergslayer69

        No, dualshock is the official playstation 3/4 controller. I was referring to the moga controller for android that has the built in battery that can also charge your phone.

      • H4nd0fg0d

        I think he grasps tht. He's saying tht the PS3 troller is what u described.

      • MarkMorrison1976


  • Draven2222

    Looks good, MOGA are getting on the right track for design.
    B.E.L hmmm. Could be "L.A.B.E.L" :), nice full sized controller by the looks.
    I'm Starting to develop "steelclaw" (what happens when you play stratus too much)
    I'm Sold on the larger design, the only question Is PRICE PRICE PRICE..
    I think everyone agrees it needs to be inline with acceptable controller market prices..regards of Apples overpricing nonsense..

  • iANiMeX

    This would be my iOS controller soon. Already own an Android Moga Power Pro for my S4. 😀

  • Jzracin

    Yay another over priced xbox button and analog stick lay out piece of shiz

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Shld win a 'best comment award. '

  • Kevin MacLeod

    Doesn't look bad at all, though I'm surprised to see that the DPad is the same from the Moga Ace Power. That is not a good DPad, though for sure they'd go for something different.

  • chief78

    Hmmm....wonder if they'll offer a trade-up for Power Ace owners....

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Sorry, but ya rite. Lol

  • DuckyShot

    What I want in this controller:
    -Much more responsive buttons and dpad
    -More premium build
    -Under $100
    -And no more loud, clicky XAYB buttons
    Make it happen MOGA.

  • Michael Graham Jr

    would be good if it had lightning and bluetooth

  • Kane

    Too expensive. I already have an idea what prices we may see, pass.

  • scamper

    Asymmetrical sticks = no go.

    • H4nd0fg0d

      Huh, I'm a huge fan of the offset sticks. Much prefer xbox stocks over PS3's.

      • scamper

        I just hope we see as many symmetrical models as we do asymmetrical, so there are options for us both.

  • Jhrisado

    Hmmm,it better have a lightning port to support charge

  • Guitario666

    Im not a fan of that type of dpad, never feels as responsive as a sony/ninty type to me

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Stick with my PS3 troller. Benefits - already have one and top build quality, so whatev.

  • H4nd0fg0d

    Looks like junk, btw, imo.