Moga Teases New iOS 7 Controller, Will Officially Unveil at GDC Next Month

image001Moga is already prepping a follow-up to their Moga Ace Power iOS 7 controller which they released this past November. Unfortunately, the only real details we have are from gleaning the accompanying teaser image. You can see on the left grip of the controller the letters “B-E-L" which makes me think this might be called the Rebel. You can also clearly see a Bluetooth button, so this new controller will likely connect that way as opposed to the Ace Power which required a Lightning connection, which means it should be both iPhone and iPad friendly. Finally, the center piece of the controller looks like it might swing out to produce a device-holding clip, similar to some of Moga’s Android controllers.

The Moga Ace Power was a somewhat decent device, with the biggest drawbacks being its device-cradling design which meant it wouldn’t work with iPads unless you used some weird Lightning cable workaround, and its flimsy build quality, especially in the face of it being an $80-$100 piece of kit. I’m really hoping this new device has a more solid build. Moga will be giving hands-on demos of the new controller at GDC March 17-21, so I’m sure will have plenty more on this mystery controller then.