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Foursaken’s ‘Minecraft’ + RTS + MOBA Mashup ‘Block Fortress: War’ Gets a New Trailer

Ever since Foursaken Media announced Block Fortress: War last October, a spinoff of their hugely popular tower defense title Block Fortress ($1.99), we’ve been dying to get a glimpse of it in action. Sure, they released some very lovely screens of the game last month, but I’m talking about something that’s in motion. Today, they’re quelling my thirst for that glimpse with the first ever trailer for Block Fortress: War, and it looks really incredible. Take a look.

In Block Fortress: War, you’ll choose one of five different factions and customize an army, then control a single hero as you and your army battle to overtake strategic points in the battlefield and ultimately take down your enemy’s base, all while not letting them do the same to you. The game is just about ready to go, and Foursaken is shooting for a March 6th or March 13th release. I’m definitely really excited for it, so swing by the forums for more discussion and get ready for Block Fortress: War in the coming weeks.