As of this writing, there are 799 games that have been submitted to the Flappy Jam, making it the biggest game jam I've personally ever heard of by several orders of magnitude. There's so many Flappy Bird homages now, it's impossible to even go through them to link to the good ones anymore. I mean, Terry Cavanagh's Maverick Bird is my favorite of the ones I've tired, but there's so many I don't even know where to start since we last posted about it and there were a little more than 300 games.


Well, per a recent post on the tumblr, they're adding a rating system to the Flappy Jam: "If you’ve submitted a game to the jam then you’re eligible to rate games. Games in the Flappy Jam are rated on two criteria: COOLNESS and HARDNESS." So far the only way to prune through the games that are rated is by seeing the games that aren't rated here. Hopefully is going to allow for sorting based on rating, as I'd really love to play the best games from the game jam.

I highly, highly recommend checking out the Flappy Jam, even if you are among the numerous internet commenters who love posting about how much you hate Flappy Bird. Most of them don't really even have much to do with Flappy Bird, and instead are just very clever, very difficult little mini games that are totally free. ...And there's nearly 800 of them. That's straight up crazy.

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  • Guest

    Welp, Terry's website is dead now ...

  • Kevin897

    Fucking Pathetic.

    • Kane

      I understand your rage, this articles purpose was to troll.

  • CypherColt

    Terry's website is dead now =[

  • RandomName

    By the time anybody sees this there will probably be over 800 games

  • CzechCongo

    Several orders of magnitude, eh? So previous game jams were no more than 0.8 or 8 games?


  • bitbit

    Eli, I love you but you seem to not know much about game jams.

    Global Game Jam was just a few weeks ago and had over 4000 entrants.

    And Ludum Dare has been much larger than this for years. The last jam in December had 2064 entries, and they run several jams per year.

  • Donny K76

    Very sad.

  • AJShadowz

    Homages? Really man? These games are just the product of hundreds of devs with no creativity selling their souls by catering to the mindless masses of "casual gamers" and making stupid clones of other stupid games just to cash in. It's just like the music industry. Does anyone care to be creative and innovative anymore? Must everyone follow the leader and do what everyone else is doing? We don't need anymore "flappy's" that shit was lame from the start. We don't need anymore candy crushes. We don't need anymore temple runs. I love touch arcade I go on here everyday but man am I tired of reading about crappy flappy crap. That is all.

    • Themostunclean

      Not trying to defend Flappy madness, I could really care less, but do you even know what a jam is? Before throwing out insults and accusations of lack of creativity and "cashing in" you should probably know what your talking about. People participating in these jams are doing it for fun, as a hobby, not to try and make a ton of money. It's the video game developer version of jamming in music- just a bunch of like minded people getting together, playing their "instruments" and having a good time. Flappy Bird is not your cup of tea, fine, it's not mine either. Just know what your talking about before going into a rant against people just trying to have fun.

      • AJShadowz

        Lol oh my goodness! I had no idea kind sir. Sometimes I can be such a dum dum *smacks head... Geeze lol thank u for sharing that. My life is now complete. 😀

      • dancj

        On one hand your post sounds like sarcasm. On the other, everything you say (minus the "my life is now complete" part) would be completely appropriate without the sarcasm.

      • AJShadowz

        Bahahaha! Why thank u kindly Dancj for taking the time out of your precious day.

      • dancj

        That was much more competent sarcasm.

      • AJShadowz

        Awww aren't u sweet 🙂

      • thiagovscoelho

        I think I'll read you as a really kind man rather than a sarcastic

      • AJShadowz
  • curtisrshideler

    Well, unless the best ones start submitting to the App Store, I'll stick with Flapthuhlu. I mean, I wanted to try some of these, but the only computer I have access to is at work and most of the sites are blocked. I'd rather play this kind of thing on my phone anyway.

  • cinh

    You have a Freudian slip there in your third sentence...

  • AJShadowz
  • Kane

    tried* not tired... Eli.

  • nadav bar kama

    why make a game? ill just go for the instant clone! this is Asslay (some may recognize him from the TA forum) in a flappy world! we already have 100,000 downloads!!! naaaa ... not really. i have no time for a flappy clone ... although it did cross my flap!

  • FuZion

    Humans are stupid.

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  • vai_levar_no_cu

    This one week wonder has had its day. Why make a gamejam about something as irrelevant as flappy, which wont be remembered by anybody come next summer?

    • SkyrimMaster

      Do you even know why this is a thing??

  • fearlesskk

    Stfu bout crapy bird

    • SkyrimMaster

      Your honest opinion, or are you just another sheep in the flock?

  • lll Anubis lll

    To the flappy bird lovers, I dare you to try and play every game that comes from this jam.

  • thiagovscoelho

    anybody make Hodappy Bird yet?

  • CkX82

    My patience with this flappy crap is at critical mass.

  • SkyrimMaster

    Do you people who hate flappy bird even understand wtf is going on here?? I'm serious, you guys are the pathetic ones, this is to show support not only for the developer that is receiving way to much hate for doing something he likes, but to have people to join together and use their hobby as a way to do something good. Sometimes people are to goddam stubborn to even think before they talk (or type rather).

  • DemoEvolved

    Rating on difficulty only makes sense for Masocore games, otherwise games that are too hard get scores higher than games that are tuned for appropriate challenge

  • nicoper

    If Terry Cavanagh has made a new game it got to be good