Flappy Jam Hits Critical Mass, 799 Games Submitted and Rating System Implemented

As of this writing, there are 799 games that have been submitted to the Flappy Jam, making it the biggest game jam I’ve personally ever heard of by several orders of magnitude. There’s so many Flappy Bird homages now, it’s impossible to even go through them to link to the good ones anymore. I mean, Terry Cavanagh’s Maverick Bird is my favorite of the ones I’ve tired, but there’s so many I don’t even know where to start since we last posted about it and there were a little more than 300 games.


Well, per a recent post on the tumblr, they’re adding a rating system to the Flappy Jam: “If you’ve submitted a game to the jam then you’re eligible to rate games. Games in the Flappy Jam are rated on two criteria: COOLNESS and HARDNESS." So far the only way to prune through the games that are rated is by seeing the games that aren’t rated here. Hopefully is going to allow for sorting based on rating, as I’d really love to play the best games from the game jam.

I highly, highly recommend checking out the Flappy Jam, even if you are among the numerous internet commenters who love posting about how much you hate Flappy Bird. Most of them don’t really even have much to do with Flappy Bird, and instead are just very clever, very difficult little mini games that are totally free. …And there’s nearly 800 of them. That’s straight up crazy.