Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas [$6.99] is an indisputable classic of open world gaming. We gave it five stars in our review, which segued right into naming it game of the week. The game's forum thread has been a hive of activity, and it's really hard to come up with more positive things to say about the iOS port of GTA:SA.

Since Rockstar introduced so many RPG elements into the game, if all you want to do is roam around and cause carnage, you're at a significant disadvantage on your first launch of the game compared to if you take the time to level everything up and hit a 100% completion point. We're talking infinite sprint stamina, infinite ammo for all your guns, maximum stats for all your weapon... Oh, and a fighter jet and a tank that spawn right next to your house on Grove Street along with much more.

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Well, thanks to forum member Dan007, you can quickly and easily cheat your way into loading his save game on to your iOS device to enjoy your five star wanted levels in the most fantastic way imaginable. You'll find everything you need in this thread. The save game is attached to the first post so you'll need to log in to our forums to grab it, and the instructions to get it on your device via a program like iExplorer or something similar are all there.

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  • C. Stubb

    What a great achievement. It's hard enough to get all the way to 100% on most games, and even more so on such a when there's as much stuff to complete as the is in this game.

  • C. Stubb

    What a great achievement! It's hard enough to get to 100% on most games, but the fact that this is GTA:SA we're talking about makes it even more notable.

    • C. Stubb

      Sorry for double post didn't see it go through the first time.

  • Taclys

    Will do! I got put off when I lost over 10,000 rounds of assault rifles and SMGs as part of a plot point. Haven't played it a lot since. Totally will check it out now

  • ThePersonDerp

    I'll add it to another save so I can keep my other progress in.

  • sokae

    Awesome, too bad I don't game on my iPhone 5 but my Nvidia shield run this game so random comments.

    • sokae

      Dude, stop using my account, it only takes 30 sec to make one and you don't even have an Nvidia shield but me.

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        Multiple personality disorder?

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        Dissociative identity disorder 😉

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        Nividea shield is cool, but most exclusive games come only to ios and runs smoother and better.

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    Wheeeeee! Ah-hahahahah!

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    Wow, that helps with the lack of cheat codes!

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    All you had to do was follow the damn train!

  • BJorn_LuLszic

    WTH really, does that mean that I could post my cheats too?

  • Mess

    Weird that this article had just been published, the file has been available (from what I can tell anyway) since Christmas Day!!!

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    Sorry for the English

  • koryc

    What the hell happened to one of my comments?

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    Thanks....worked for me

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    Off-topic. But guys, you should also report about "Candy Scroll Justice Saga" Game, lol gotta love the name. Just read on wired, There is a game jam against King's copyright trolling, & there were 400+ games made in the past few days. But in this specific one it is a first person shooter where you escape out of prison, which you got in for copyright infringement. You are kinda shooting a lollipop or something & it have doom type corridors.

    Its something like the Flappy bird jam, its interesting, good to see how people band together to support those 2 developers. Now, I only read TA, so I would have missed this story, I imagine there is more like me on TA & this story is hilarious, needs more coverage 😉

  • koryc

    Since the article is about gta,here's a theory I came up with.
    In 2002,vice city was released,afterwards gta advance came for the gameboyadvance.
    In 2004, San Andreas was released.then after lcs and VCS came for the psp
    In 2008,gta iv was released,shortly followed by Chinatown.So now that gta v was released last year,I'm sure rockstar are working on a gta v spinoff for the mad PC gamers which will later be ported to ios.What do I guys think?

  • Gameplaya

    I didn't think it was possible for 100%!

  • mike

    its not really that great...perhaps creating the game is great, b/c its quite a creative feat...playing the game to the point this guy played...deserves an award for wasting time or Loser of the Year. Thank you for making the world less competitive buddy lol

  • Matt F

    Hahahaha Can I use this saved game on my Flappy Bird?