outThereIconIn June of last year, Mi Clos Studio lifted the lid off of Out There, a space-themed strategy/survival/choose-your-own-adventure mashup with an incredible art style and atmospheric soundtrack. The following August during Gamescom, the studio released a brand new trailer which showed more of what the game had to offer, and it looked really great. Well, we've been wondering what's been up with Out There ever since, seeing as it didn't release last fall as intended. Well Mi Clos has reached out to let us know that the game is finally submitted to Apple so the release shouldn't be too far off. They've also informed us that while Out There was initially announced as an iPad-only game, that they've managed to make it work just fine on the smaller iPhone screen and will be launching the game as a Universal title. Here's some brand new screens from the iPhone.


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We've been incredibly excited to get our hands on Out There ever since we first laid eyes on it, so hopefully everything goes smoothly with the whole Apple approval process thing. Once we have word of an official release date and pricing, we'll be sure to give you a heads up.

  • CkX82

    Now this is more like it !

    • rewind

      What was less like it?

      • CkX82

        Flappy bird

      • mackenzie wunderlich

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  • denisvjcr

    Excellent news!

  • Bool Zero

    Awesome! And now, the wait for next Wednesday night begins (or later)...

  • famousringo

    Really looking forward to this one. Have mixed feelings about the comic aesthetic, though.

    • NickyNichols

      I think it looks amazing

  • ODMay

    Added to watch list :]

    • CzechCongo

      Been on my watch list FOREVER. Yay!

  • gwarmaxx


  • Slothwerks

    Looks really neat! Love the comic aesthetic. Can't wait to try it first hand!

  • TrencH

    Too many big games coming out lately. Getting app overload!

    Next iphone better have 128gigs. Games are not getting any smaller...

    • MichaelPeiffert

      Out There will be less than 50 Mo.

      • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

        I can't WAIT to play your game!

      • Repelstale

        Michael, PLEASE let there be iCloud saves as well, so it's not only a universal app, but you'll be able to continue the same game across different iDevices as well.

  • khann

    I wonder if this will be anything like FTL. I've been waiting for FTL on the iPad but there is no release date.

    • Bool Zero

      It's kinda like FTL if FTL had a story and wasn't JUST about combat.... So yes!

    • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

      Yeah it isn't like FTL. There is zero combat in the game, whereas FTL is only combat. It's in space and is much more about surviving in distant space with limited on hand resources. It's going to be awesome.

  • https://www.facebook.com/DigitalDistillery Scot Damn

    Jared, I want to hug you. I've been waiting for this news to appear for sooo long. It's been one of (if not thee) my most anticipated game since I first bought an iPhone in late 2011. I'm excited..

  • lux fox

    Man, this looks neat

  • Bloodangel

    Yessssssssss!!!! Finally!!!!!!!
    Next week release?

  • TigerBoat

    Cool, I think I'll buy it.

  • Papa Deuce

    This is one I have been waiting for......please be good...please.

  • curtneedsaride

    I've been waiting to buy a good space sim for my iPhone. This might end up being the one. I wanted FTL on my phone, but since it's going to be iPad only, it's a deal breaker. Looks like this is going to be the app to top it!

  • christopherrocs

    Hopin for iPod 4 support

    • mikahslash

      Out There should work on any device with iOS 5.1+

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Hey devs, why don't you open a thread in the upcoming games with more info on the game? (Pricing, size, randomization of the game, etc.)

  • gamerman333

    Yes! Finally!

  • Gauloises

    Its Coming Tonight???

  • flashbackflip

    Good news indeed!!