The App Store is full of weird stuff, I don't think that's a secret to anybody. But just in case you need full-blown proof, check out 進撃の共喰い ~成長する巨人を共食いさせて育成しよう~ [Free] which roughly Google translates to The Attempt to Foster Allowed to Cannibalism to the Giant-eating Co-growth of Advance. It's a game about naked dudes, eating other naked dudes, and then transforming into new types of naked dudes. Essentially it's the same concept of Alpaca Evolution [Free], a game that we similarly fell in love with due to its strangeness during a TA Plays video last year.

In Naked Dude Game (I'm just going to call it that from here on out), there really isn't any skill involved, it's more like a test of patience. As the larger of the naked dudes on the field, you'll tap one of the smaller naked dudes to gobble him up, and once you've gobbled up enough to fulfill the requirement displayed in the corner, you'll morph into the next version of larger naked dude. This continues on until… I don't know, until you get bored I guess? I'm not sure if you can even lose at this game. If there is any skill involved, it's in trying to gobble up a naked dude who has meandered behind the banner ad located at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes you just gotta wait until he comes back out, which again, is a true test of your patience.

nakeddude2 nakeddude

Is Naked Dude Game any good? Absolutely not. Is it a complete oddity that might make for an interesting conversation piece amongst your friends? That's very likely. And it's free, so if you're feeling saucy and want something weird to get your weekend started, you might as well give it a download to check it out for yourself. There's also a surprisingly active discussion for the game taking place in our forums, so don't be shy about letting the world know what you think of Naked Dude Game.

  • torosama

    This is really the attack on Titan game.

    • defunct32

      Yaaaaaas! There better be a season two of the Animr... Or else!

      • defunct32

        Anime* D:

      • mackenzie wunderlich

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      • defunct32

        Work it Aunt Eva, go you!

      • Jason Mounce


  • ODMay

    Is the the developer of this game on acid?

    • loophole

      Ik this is really disturbing me :0

  • defunct32

    Shingeki no Kyojin! Yaaaas!

    • Nycteris


      • filipeal

        Vaguely? The titans are the same from manga. These titans appeared recentely in the manga

  • JohnnyJ301

    Worst avatar ever !

  • Bill Do

    Can you get rid of the crappy sucuri site?

    It appears when I click on that link because apparently Unicode doesn't exist and it thinks I'm launching a ddos attack.

  • Jake7905

    So that's how those Russian dolls get made....

    • flashbackflip

      If you consider that those 'russian dolls' are actually from Japan - the puzzle will be solved completely

  • DougBug

    I really thought this was an Attack on Titan game.

  • rewind

    How the hell do you find this stuff???

  • dewdropmagic


  • Kane

    Just creepy, the devs are strange people.

  • bluecomb84

    This is the worst game I have ever played.

  • 61050

    well, at least the instructions are well written and concise.

  • Firetruck94

    Crack is a miracle drug.

  • Me

    I was going to try to be funny but

    what the actual hell

  • pouffie

    The design is very similar to the cannibal giants from the manga shingeki no kyojin. Quite a creepy comic to be honest.

  • Devok

    That yellow haired dude looks like GTO," GREAT TEACHER ONIZUKA"!!

  • filipeal

    This is an Attack on Titan ripoff. It's using the same models of titans from anime. The devs weren't on acid, the just copied an anime...

  • camo

    Weird af!