We were just starting to think that Cartoon Networks' Card Wars - Adventure Time [$3.99] was merely a soft launch, but it turns out it was just late to the weekly release party. The card game is on the App Store now, and I highly recommend it to fans of the show Adventure Time. It takes what basically amounts to a silly joke in a single episode and turns it in to a full, surprisingly good, card game.

Initially the $3.99 price tag gave me pause when playing it on stream this week, but I was able to play it for an entire hour non-stop while everyone watched, and then I've played another couple hours since then and haven't hit any kind of stopping point where the game forces me to pay more money. While the inclusion of timers and premium currencies is confusing, it doesn't seem like a show stopper.

Instead, the "premium" stuff seems to be more targeted to people who are just bad at the game and want to marathon it in one sitting without stopping and people who feel the need to collect every card. There's a Hearthstone-like crafting system so you can get the cards you want without paying, but you're limited by the amount you can collect at once without paying more.

Weird, but not bad, and certainly not something that should put you off if you love Adventure Time, as this game is dripping with fan service and pig flooping.

  • gora

    Instabuy. I was in the chat when people were crying foul of the IAPs. As Eli pointed out while playing the game for over an hour, you don't hit a paywall and he never dipped into the store. The timer is confusing though.

    • mackenzie wunderlich

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  • spader623

    But why no multiplayer?

  • KillerSpecialK

    Oh, you're Eli! Cool! Loving this, btw. Not a single cent spent and been playing for quite awhile.

  • jeffyg3

    Sweet. I'm not gunna lie. I'm a sucker for Adventure Time stuff

  • J.Jones

    Can you floop the pig? This game is nothing without flooping the pig.

    • Suzanne

      I've flooped many pigs already

  • phonecats

    Haven't hit timer wall yet and I'm floopin hardcore wild style

  • PallaZ

    Flappy Bird is way better.

    • ktern

      i think you mean floopy pig

  • Suzanne

    Played the first 5 rounds. The animations get annoying if you want to just crank out a quick game. Excellent implementation quality. IAP is iffy.

  • http://www.mediocreminds.com Binkley

    I heard you can take codes from the upcoming physical game and plug them into this game...anyone have any what they do?

  • richie44

    Can you play on multiple devices with the same account?

  • Steven

    Absolutely amazing! It's just as I imagined from the episode. The IAP have not bothered me in the least which is great, and I'm hoping they add a multiplayer in an update.