OuRkyEIf you've never heard of a game jam before, here's the basic idea: Take some kind of prompt, which can be as obscure as a single word to anything else you can think of, and make a game out of it. They're great opportunities to try out new things, whether its exploring Unity for the first time or fiddling with building a game around some procedural algorithm you've been thinking of. Game jams can be held online, or in person, but the goal is always the same: Build a simple game.

With Flappy Bird totally blowing up everywhere, of course it only makes sense for there to be a Flappy Jam, with the following prompt:

Make a hard, almost unplayable game. Use assets inspired (not ripped) from classics. Flappy word or gameplay not mandatory. Have fun, be supportive. Hate must not win.

The whole "hate must not win" thing comes from the insane amount of toxic, venomous crap that Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen has had to endure since the start of all this. Anyway, as of this writing, 66 Flapp-likes have been submitted so far. Here's a few of my favorites:

Maverick Bird - Super Hexagon [$2.99] creator Terry Cavanagh whipped up this incredible Flapp-like that takes hints directly from the game he's known best for. Make sure you play this with headphones, as much like Super Hexagon, the music is amazing.

MegaFlap! - Another game with catchy music, this one by Luke Dirago, MegaFlap! is basically Flappy Bird but with MegaMan. The only thing that could make this better is if on contact with spikes you did the MegaMan explosion of white circles.

Floculus Bird - This Flapp-like by Holden Link is a 3D recreation of Flappy Bird with one large exception: It runs on the Oculus Rift VR headset. If there's a more ridiculous escalation of Flappy mania, this simply has to be it. I love it.

Flappybalt - Ever wonder what it'd be like to play as one of the birds from Canabalt [$2.99]? Well, Adam Saltsman, creator of Canabalt answers that question with Flappybalt. Unlike other Flapp-likes, gameplay doesn't involve flying through pipes, but rather, bouncing from one side of the screen to the other avoiding spikes. It definitely nails the "impossible difficulty" thing.

FlapMMO - While I don't think this is technically part of the game jam, it still seemed worth including. This online version of Flappy Bird has you playing with everyone at the same time. It's actually sort of amazing, as by the time you get past the third or fourth pipe you're basically flying solo compared to the massive herd of birds trying to get through the first pipe.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Flappy Jam, there's a ton of games to fiddle with, most of which can be played right in your browser.

  • http://afterpad.com/ Kevin MacLeod

    As repetitive as the whole Flappy Bird thing is, I have to admit, Maverick Bird is awesome

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      Most of the games from this game jam are really awesome, be sure to dig into them if you liked Maverick Bird.

    • Delcast

      Maverick Bird has the best music in all the universe.

  • Leeabe51

    Please make it stop.

    • xx99

      Hate must not win.

      Even if you hate the game, this is an important moment in the industry.

  • ODMay

    And I though endless runners was annoying. /:

    • ODMay


    • curtneedsaride


    • Edwin Ramirez

      :/ *

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    Ha! The idea in the hands of some really talented devs, and suddenly the outcome can be brilliant! Maverick Bird is fantastic! Worlds between this and your beloved "original".

    • jati

      Hate must not win.

    • http://www.appfreakblog.com appfreak

      Maverick Bird is really good. Apart from style and music, it's very enjoyable. Those hours spent on Flappy Bird put to good use. Hope Terry Cavanagh can port it to iOS or a Kickstarter or something

  • falco

    FlapMMO AHAahHaahh

  • marcanthony0313

    Can we all agree that Flappy Doge is amazing?

  • diego

    Flappybalt is by far the best

  • falco

    I can't see Maverick bird but wait do you think Apple will sue him because of the OSX

  • falco

    Because of OSX Maverick sorry double post

  • JCho133

    Holy cow Maverick Bird is really really REALLY good.

  • falco

    I just saw a video of Maverick bird DAMN

  • CzechCongo

    See, now this has brought me back around to digging the Flappy Fenomenon. Peace and love, bitches.

    FlapMMO sounds hilarious.

  • http://www.silentrocco.com/ Silent Rocco

    Terry should make Maverick Bird (maybe with a different name, no "bird" needed) available in the App Store... would be a hit!

    • xx99

      Agreed, except I think he wouldn't out of respect to Dong. It is a badass game though. The inspiration is obvious, but it had me hooked much longer than Flappy did.

  • JohnnyJ301

    F'n Birds!

  • fearlesskk

    FlapMMO website is down...

  • Tomate Diseño

    "Make a hard, almost unplayable game. Use assets inspired (not ripped) from classics."
    In other words almost every Llamasoft game ever, except for the ripped bit.

  • misfitskater6

    Would love to see Maverick Bird and Flappybalt on the app store!

  • Zenfar

    Love Flappy Jam and Candy Jam great concepts and great games.

  • Andrea Pantaloni

    Maverick Bird is fantastic!

  • JohnnyJ301

    FlappyDongMMO.... aah no thanks, not interested.

  • Flynn Taggart


    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp


      • Kane


      • NinjaKitteh


      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp


      • _the_escape_artist_


      • dariusjr98


      • siddharta42

        *Yelling suddenly stops. Complete silence ensues.*

      • Derprozess

        This was like Seinfeld! Still laughing!

  • curtneedsaride

    Maverick Bird just made my pulse go up like crazy. Probably going to watch hours slip away from my life due to this one. Can't stop hearing the music.

  • LORE


  • curtneedsaride

    So, any chance we'll see any of these on the App Store? I'd pay money for Flappybalt or Maverick Bird for sure.

  • xx99

    Oh, man Flappybalt had me laughing out loud, it's just malicious!

    My high scores:
    Maverick Bird – 17
    Flappybalt – 12

    Both did an awesome job of channeling Flappy Bird while totally putting their own spin on it.

  • rhyxnathotho

    Terry, if you're reading this: port Maverick Bird to iOS! Thanks, bye!

  • Thawkk

    No mention of Flappy Bert from Sesame Street?

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    Here is our contribution! http://funday-factory.itch.io/flap-man