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Check Out ‘Cubed Snowboarding’, An Upcoming Game from the Developer of ‘Cubed Rally Racer’

Jared Bailey is responsible for a heck of a lot of games I really like. Namely, Cubed Rally Racer (Free), the pseudo-sequel Cubed Rally Redline (Free) along with Baby Lava Bounce (Free) and it’s odd premium Halloween cousin Zombie Volcano ($0.99). There’s more too, but those are the noteworthy ones, at least in my eyes.

Anyway, he’s been hard at work on a new game, which feels like a bit of an evolution of the Cubed Rally series but with snowboards and loads of backflips. Check out the trailer:

Per the thread in our forums, here’s what the game is all about:

There are 10 randomly generated runs on the mountain. You get points for grinding and doing flips and a bonus if you finish without crashing. Your score is the sum of what you earn on each of these runs. The runs get progressively longer, have more challenging obstacles and higher max speed.

Cubed Snowboarding has already been submitted to Apple for approval, and should be out in the next week or two.