It's Wednesday again, which means precisely two things: A whole ton of new iOS games are slowly filtering across various regions of the App Store before finally appearing on the App Store and I'll be streaming them all on our Twitch channel starting at 4:00 PM Eastern. Last week's stream was our most popular stream yet, so I've got my fingers crossed for something similar this week.

screen1136x1136 (6)

Here's what's on our radar so far, and like all these early posts, this could just be the tip of the iceberg of what we'll see released tonight:

Stay tuned for the full listing when all these games hit the US App Store at 11:00 PM Eastern.

  • fearlesskk

    Gah sounds like a bad we

    • fearlesskk


  • Broli95

    No dungelot 2? DAMMIT πŸ™

    • Bool Zero

      It hits Friday!

      • Skullinton

        Gotta get down on friday!

      • fearlesskk

        Partying, partying YEAH!!! fun fun fun fun

      • dancj

        According to AppShopper it's already out. The like to the App Store just gives me a blank page though.

      • dancj


      • Xissoric

        It was accidentally released earlier.

  • Zwilnik

    Any Landing is already out (we released it a day early to beat the rush πŸ˜‰ )

  • Bool Zero

    I have to flop the pig with that Adventure Times Card Wars!

    • Bool Zero


    • Rothgarr

      That's one of the best episodes. "I floop the pig!"

  • rich_952000

    On the lighter side of the news, Endless Surf by Lemur Game was just released and is really a damn good game for a buck.

  • Holcman

    3 articles with mentions of non-flappy bird games. What do you have to say now, haters.

    • Eli Hodapp

      Yesterday was seven non Flappy Bird articles to two Flappy Bird articles. Logic and reason are not tools you can use to argue with people who irrationally hate Flappy Bird.

      • Holcman

        I'm saying arguments against the flappy haters, not you guys. I, personally, am enjoying this flappy craze. Sorry if it seemed the other way around, I was unclear with my first comment.

      • Eli Hodapp

        No, I know. I think it's amusing too. The biggest phenomenon to hit mobile of all time and people expect us to ignore it. Mind blowing, really.

      • Mess

        Before anyone labels me with a 'hater' badge (because I was vocalising my opinion on the fact that I think flappy bird articles should stop [cant believe I am actually writing about it again but feel like I want to defend myself] in another article) I am not a hater of Flappy. I am just tired of everywhere posting about it.

        And do you know what I am doing about it, and what every hater should do about it? Not clicking on the articles. If they get no clicks then they won't post articles about it. Simples.

      • mclifford82

        I don't think I agree with your assertion that if you don't click, they won't post articles about it. At least not here, Eli is obsessed with the story, and rightfully so. It's fascinating. But yes, not clicking is probably best for your sanity if it's not your bag.

    • Kevin MacLeod

      Judging from the explosion of articles about it on major web sites, it must be getting page views. Once it stops, the articles will go away...

  • DavidLee0810

    Any news on Final Fantasy Agito??

  • icepulse

    The Card Wars looks gooder than good.

    If you wouldn't, I would!!

    • blackout845

      Gooder huh?

  • brando

    Anyone know when Battleheart 2 comes out?

  • Kevin MacLeod

    There are a lot of good looking games on this list - looking forward to playing tonight!

  • Salt Abdullah

    Oh well, it's been a long winter so far - let's just get this Flappy bulls**t outta our systems before the spring and be done with it.

  • Chungston

    The real question is, how are the flapping physics in this game?

  • Bloodangel

    Still no "out there"
    Coming fall 2013 they said... Only 2 weeks left

    • Mess

      Um, it's actually winter 2014... Hence the 'Winter Olympics' being on. Not the 'Autumn* Olympics'

      *English and Proud.

      • Bloodangel

        They said in October it be out fall 2013... I thought this meant winter 2013, which we are still in at moment?

      • TopherW

        This is winter 2014

  • Jake7905

    I hope this is only the tip of the ice burg, otherwise this will be a very flappy week.

  • somedumbgamer

    R-type II is an instabuy for me!

    • Onikage725

      Same here!

  • H4nd0fg0d

    The collectables. Whn?????

  • B30

    Damn, was hoping for Flappy Bird 2.

  • one.sixty.four

    Why does it say "iPhone games", are these games iPhone only?

  • Shifaan

    Please release Supernauts please please please please please please

  • seanvstherobots

    Woah, I didn't even know that "card wars" was coming! Just checked out a gameplay video of it.. Looks pretty cool. That's what I'll be playing at work tomorrow πŸ˜‰

    • somedumbgamer

      I want someone to make Car Wars (from the board game)

  • Amenbrother

    Anyone else think when there is a slow week as far as buying good games goes that hey I am going to buy some IAP in some games I do have and enjoy since I didn't spend any money on new games? Just to show some support to other devs? I know I do.

    • curtneedsaride

      I still haven't been able to dig in to all of the purchases I've made from Christmas to last week! And now with Final Fantasy VI out, who knows if I'll ever get around to all of them!