c26-B0096L2SJ0-moga-logoIf you've been keeping tabs on the iOS 7 controller scene since they started appearing last November, you'll remember that the Logitech Powershell dropped its price down to $69.99 and the SteelSeries Stratus lowered its price down to $79.99, both from their original MSRP of $99.99. Well, Moga is getting in on the controller price-dropping bandwagon too, as their Ace Power MFi controller is currently on sale for $79.99.

One of the biggest criticisms leveled at the current crop of iOS 7 controllers is that they're too pricey, all originally announced at the $100 price point. While the different price reductions have been nice, even the sale prices are well over what most consumers appear to want to spend for an accessory for their mobile device. If you were on the fence at a hundred bucks though, this discount might be the nudge you need to pick one up.


In our opinion, the Moga Ace Power is a pretty decent controller, with the biggest drawbacks being that you can't use it with an iPad and the build quality feels a bit flimsy. Hopefully we'll see plenty more controllers released this year, but if the Moga Ace Power had you interested, then you can save yourself a little scratch by taking advantage of this sale. You can order one for the sale price through Moga's website, and they are available at Apple Stores and on Apple's own website, but unfortunately not at the discounted price.


  • http://afterpad.com/ Kevin MacLeod

    It's a good controller, and this is a much better deal on it

  • Kevin897

    Still overpriced.

    • {SQUEEK}

      Still 79.99 reasons not to buy it.

  • KBPrinceO

    I'll need another Kevin to weigh in before I can make up my mind.

    • KevinS

      It looks good, but it is pretty pricey. 🙂

    • KevinZOMG

      It's got more features than the rest, but the build quality kind of sucks.

  • Matthew Rossman

    "Slashes" doesn't seem like an appropriate word for this small price drop.

  • yearoftherat

    Still over priced and not compatible with my 4S .

    • chief78

      All iOS controllers will only work with iPhone 5 and up. There will not be any controllers made for older devices. They tried to be clear about this when the controllers released anyway.

      • ahamling27

        That just sounds like a terrible business move. There's no reason it wouldn't work on a 4s. I know controllers4all works great with my JB 4s and a PS3 controller. I think I may just get a galaxy s5 next, at least Android is more open, if not updated as quickly. *shrugs*

      • flashbackflip

        If you are looking towards Android, i'd recommend Note3. Turbo-powerful, huge screen and surprisingly useful stylus. I never had regrets after buying it

        Though appstore is leading eco-system in terms of games, it seems everything can change very fast - as fast as the kids from India, China, Russia are growing up and start coding on their 'native' (coz android is cheaper to buy for kids) system

      • Craig Grannell

        There's a pretty good reason: this is effectively a battery case with iOS gaming controls. For it to work with your 4S, it'd need a different connector, meaning more tooling/a different model for an end-of-line device. You build accessories for the future, not the past.

  • loophole

    I'm really really tempted but I'm just worried about app developers not including support in the future.

  • Smurgendorf

    I wish it wasn't so damn twitchy. I've had to pack a toothpick in with the controller so I always have something to hit the reset button with. I'm doing it multiple times a play session now.

  • Grits n Gravy

    Apple set to release controller for $99...read between the lines

  • Kane

    What an ACE deal.... Said no one ever.

    • Michael Graham Jr

      but they have called you a mogo before

  • 61050

    im the only one with a 5c apparently, but i might as well point out that the logitech product does not fit the 5c by design (although you can jam it in and make it work, like many things in life). this one does, although ill be the first to admit that i really only use it as a battery pack at this point, although its been nice with ff6. i was all over the concept of a controller, but after having one now, my opinion is that they arent worth the hassle.

    a ton of games don't support them yet, and most of the ones that do already have a decent enough control scheme without the controller. the only reason my phone is my main gaming platform is because it is always with me, and a controller simply detracts from that benefit for me personally.

    • loophole

      Thanks for your advice. I'm on a 5c as well and I think I'm gonna skip this one and probably wait for better alternatives.

  • nomstar

    Only $80 for a controller that will likely go obsolete when the iPhone changes again!? I'm heading out to the store righ... ahaha, no. Just no...

    • wildperson

      Do you really expect a big design change so soon?

      • nomstar

        Given Apple's track record and how they like to innovate, can you really rule it out? If I'm dropping $80 on a controller, I want it to be future-proofed (not to mention, work with my iPad at the same time). This is just me speaking personally, but I'd wager a lot of people are of the same mindset.

      • Michael Graham Jr

        yes there is a guarantee that the iPhone 6 will be bigger, even talk of two different models

  • Michael Graham Jr

    they are only doing this because the bigger iphone6 is coming and they want to clear stock

    • chief78

      Yep! But seeing as how most people are on 2 year phone plans, they'll continue to have a market 😉 It's a good controller, been using it for a month now. Admittedly I use it for certain occasions or games. The only real drawback, no portability.

      • Michael Graham Jr

        Cool I wanna get one but I been using the ps3 controller and I haven't like that it disconnects after every game

  • bruno7

    Could you please tell me which game is shown on the controller picture?

    Looks good.


    • Taeles

      It looks like one of the "Race of Champions" titles by Invictus.

      • tylerandjennifer1

        i looked at that game and it doesn't look like it has controller support. What the heck?

  • zergslayer69

    If you have an iphone I suppose this is pretty neat. But if on ipad i would just pair a ps3 or ps4 controller to it.

  • grammatonfeather

    "Slashes" implies significant price drop. 20% off is f£ck-all so the wording is deliberately misleading in the same way a spammer sends me junk email telling me I can get huge discounts on Viagra. This controller is useless anyway because it doesn't work with tablet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Matthew-White/1633850433 Matthew White

    Still not cheap enough. Call me when they're sub $40.

  • Tobias Holmes

    That's hardly a slash, but it's a start.

  • Axl3dd

    Still over priced and if it doesn't work with older iphones like the 4S there no point till apple makes there own or just jailbreak and use a ps3 controller

    • PlannedObsolescence

      Agreed. It's ridiculous these require an iPhone 5+ and are still expensive. i buy hardware like midi controllers which have much more functionality than these things, work with lightning adapters, and are half the price. this is the early days of gouging and prices will keep dropping as they only sell to the more money than sense demographic. between this and freemium/iap models people should not complain when iOS gaming tanks in another year or two and like most technology these days it will be ruined by greedy people.

  • HelperMonkey

    If I could plug it in and then rig it to my TV I could finally have a console-quality experience on my mobile device! Whoo!

  • LazerTag

    Lowering the price still doesn't make it a PS/3 controller. :/

  • SubZeroBR

    Still, way TOO expensive. Get controllers 4 all and a ps3 pad which is way better, more precise, more sturdier, and you probably have one around if you didn't live under a rock for those 6 past years, done.

  • Alexythimia23

    Im jumping on the proverbial bandwagon and chipping in my 2 cents, still way way too expensive for them to see this take off, and its good to know that so many others feel the same, i mean i game ipad only now, used to love my iphone also but ipad wins every-time now so i really would not spend that sort of cheddar on this pad, looks nice, but not $79.99 brag to my mates, take a selfie of it and sleep with it nice.... Urmm forget i said anything about sleeping with a pad...

  • Chungston

    I wonder how flappy bird will play on this?