Logitech’s PowerShell iOS 7 Controller On Sale for $69.99

Logitech’s entry into the iOS 7 controller market, the wider-than-my-Jnco-jeans PowerShell is seeing its first price drop since the original $99.99 price point leaked in late October. The $69.99 price point is currently live both ordering direct from Logitech as well as at the Apple Store. Amazon isn’t reflecting the price change as of this writing, but a quick chat with a customer service agent might result in a price match if you prefer to order from Amazon.

The PowerShell is my least favorite of the three currently available iOS 7 controllers. It lacks the analog sticks of the similar form factored MOGA Ace Power and neither work with the iPad like the SteelSeries Stratus does. With the Stratus seeing a similar (albeit $10 more expensive) price point, that still seems to be the controller to go with if you’re going to buy any of them right now.