For a lot of gamers growing up in the 90s (myself included), Final Fantasy VI was the pinnacle of the “golden age” of 16-bit RPG. An epic, world-changing story, real character development, a killer soundtrack — FFVI featured all these and more wrapped up in a package that simply hadn’t been experienced at that time. Check out any gaming forum online and you’ll inevitably find a thread discussing the old-school RPGs of all time with FF VI squarely in the running.

But that was then, and times have certainly changed in terms of gaming audience, medium, and even the RPG genre itself. It is in this dynamic landscape that Square Enix has chosen to rerelease Final Fantasy VI [$14.99] onto iOS, a culmination of the developer’s journey in bringing all the classic-era Final Fantasy titles to the platform. When discussing a game that’s not only old (in terms of the gaming universe) but also venerated, there are always considerations to be made both in terms translating the title to modern day devices and as to whether it simply holds up as a game. In regards to the former, iffy virtual controls and a revised art style push against some great upgrades to the game. However, when it comes to the latter, I still think FF VI qualifies as a great experience on iOS and needs to be played.


A lot has been said about the visual changes made in this version of FFVI. Indeed, all the character sprites, along with portraits have been redone. Significant changes have even been made to the overworld and backdrops, all in the name of updating the game to higher resolution devices. Overall, the visual changes are somewhat of a mixed bag for me. I’m really not a fan of the new character sprites as they all look a bit blurry and lack the pixel-definition that I thought made the original unique. I thought it odd particularly since pixel-art is a viable approach in iOS, and keeping that sort of style, even withs one minor refinements, would have been perfectly fine.

However, I enjoyed the new portraits and the updated backgrounds, for the most part. That latter aspect is a bit weird though, as some locations now look really nice, while others seem to have gone the way of the updated characters and simply look more blurry. It’s an element of the game that will definitely be contentious as it’s the easiest change to experience. However, other than some slowdown during fire scenes, I didn’t find the changes to be too detracting.


The same can’t be said for the controls, however. While FFVI employs a virtual joypad for movement similar to all the other iOS ports, this one suffers from some incredibly annoying lag. Character movements (as well as airship movement) occur about a half second after you move the virtual pad, making the experience a bit jarring. Also, I found some of the touch-based battle commands a bit obtuse (such as targeting) and there are a few weird nuances with the menu system that don’t feel intuitive (particularly when it comes to saving and using spells). Changes to the controls for the game’s Blitz techniques, while looking a bit silly, really weren’t as bad as imagined.

Visuals and controls aren’t the only changes Square made, as there were a few things that I definitely considered improvements over the original. Now familiar upgrades such as quick saves and “fast-forward” button for battles are joined by a significant change to the ATB system which now allows you to select any character with a turn ready (previous versions forced players to ‘cycle’ thread ready characters). Changes to the world map (now available in three sizes) and the inclusion of an in-game help system provide guidance as to what to do and where to go in case you put the game down for a while.


An important addition we’ve not really seen in previous FF ports is a great implementation on iCloud saves. A selection on the main menu takes you to the iCloud screen that lets you upload or download saves. Uploading places a save on your device into the cloud, and downloading will replace a save with the cloud-saved one. Information regarding character levels, time played, and more let you know exactly what is being saved/replaced. It’s completely manual, easy to use, and simply works, guaranteeing that a player’s progress won’t be lost (assuming you take advantage of it). This is the way iCloud should work, and every RPG needs to have it implemented like this.

Meanwhile, FFVI’s story and music, elements that won me over as a kid in the 90s, still hold up well in this day and age. Sure, a lot of the themes are considered cliched at this point. Also the the character development, while excellent for the time, might be not be up to snuff as far as depth in concerned. But what is still there still feels meaningful. There are still so many key points (part of the main story and otherwise) that hold impact even after all these years. Operas, suicide, betrayal, teen pregnancy, raising loved ones from the dead — there aren’t many games that touch on all these themes but FFVI does and does so well. The addition of the ‘Album’ mode allows players to review important scenes which I think is another important add for the transition to mobile.


Regardless, one aspect that hasn’t faltered one bit is Nobuo Uematsu’s amazing soundtrack. If anything, I’d go so far as to say as this iOS port is the definitive version of FF6 in regards to its music. It’s certainly lightyears ahead of the musical offerings of the GBA and PSX ports and I think offers a clarity that goes beyond the original. An included soundtrack mode allows players to listen to any track whenever, and I’d recommend you do that (particularly with headphones).

Final Fantasy VI for iOS isn’t a straight port of the SNES version, and I don’t think it was designed to be. In making the transition to mobile, several important gameplay and systematic changes were made that I think improve the overall experience. While some aspects of that transition, mainly the art and controls, falter a little, I’d consider the overall conversion to be a success. You can chalk this up to nostalgia, but I firmly believe the classic FF experience is well preserved and is still far better than most other iOS RPG offerings. Whether you love or hate the changes, RPG fans of the era have probably already picked this up. For the rest of you, I implore you that it’s well worth the entry fee.

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  • octopus

    No quacking way!

  • Zerol3onheart

    I'm loving it so far. I've probably said it 100 times, but I'll say it again: I'm glad the music wasn't changed, and I agree, it sounds better than ever. The listening mode is the best, negating the need to buy the soundtrack if you absent already. Worth every penny.

    • Bones00

      It's too late! I've owned the FF VI soundtrack for years now!

      • Zerol3onheart

        I don't know who I was fooling, I'm still going to download it.

    • 61050

      i shed a small tear when the overworld music started. im probably going to cry like a little bitch when i get to the opera. lol

  • davidovich

    I noticed the lag with the controls too. Thought it was just me.

    • Cheeseball

      If your data connection (3G/4G or WiFi) is on, could you try going into Airplane mode to see if it would help?

      The Android version seems to have a speed up when you play the game offline, probably because of the G+ integration.

  • shcgzb

    $16 for a rpg game which is more or less the same as others. I rather play the free dungeon keeper where I slaught and rob other player's dungeon to upgrade mine. It uses more creativity and thinking without spending one dime than rpg where just mindlessly level up by killing easy monsters to finish the game.

    • Cheeseball

      $16 is pretty cheap for a 30+ hour JRPG.

      Different genres, different gameplay. Dungeon Keeper lacks a plot, while the Final Fantasy series thrives on a full story. However Dungeon Keeper (the original) has strategic gameplay, while Final Fantasy follows a tried and tested formula.

      Dungeon Keeper still fails due to abusive IAP tactics and horrendous wait timers. You can't even bypass the timers through a jailbreak tweak or forced time advancement because EA stupidly made the game online-only.

      But eh, if you can enjoy it, more power to you.

      • shcgzb

        The timer is fair to all players, to fast forward time, it cost the player dearly. The timer is there so it give all player time to raid each other in able to upgrade their dungeon. The resources mined is so little which the only way to advance is to raid others. The game is very solid, without paying a dime, I can still advance, having very solid minions and dungeon. Raid or raided by player on the same level. Having 150k in both gold and stone seperately on heart level 5. I love F2P games without pay wall. The game is paid by cheaters who advance the game by paying which is win win situation for everyone. If I play couple of F2P games, I switch between them without waiting and paying! Keep them coming, because there are far far more player support F2P than you guys. FF should be free too!

      • Cheeseball

        The timer is not fair to all players. If it was, then there shouldn't be any IAP to purchase gems and everyone SHOULD BE FORCED to wait for their imps to mine them.

        There's more player support for F2P games because they're all casual games. They're not as deep as Final Fantasy and other story-enriched RPGs.

        Games like FF should NOT be free as it would definitely lower their quality and depth to that of most F2P games: shallow and unfulfilling.

      • shcgzb

        Mindless level up in FF is challenging? Dungeon keeper 2014 is far more challenging if you play it without paying. Other players cannot wait to raid your dungeon and take everything away from you. There is no restart from saving point like FF. Playing for real. Human players are far more ruthless than pathetic AI.

      • Cheeseball

        Of course levelling up is challenging. You have to set up your characters with good equipment to get better stats if you plan to survive the sidequests and dungeons later in the game. In order to get those equipment, you need to search and battle with enemies (the AI you keep comparing with humans) then take them down with a different strategies and combination of characters.

      • Jesse_Dylan

        They are completely different games. You might as well compare SimCity to Call of Duty.

      • shcgzb

        Don't let the media fool you, there are more people playing dungeon heart and enjoy it than the media portrait. 6000 review, half give 4-5 stars.

      • Cheeseball

        I'm not letting the media fool me. I've already tried it out for a few days. It's a slow and shallow game.

        I've already attempted to try and speed up the timers by creating a MobileSubstrate tweak and by manually accelrating the clock in Settings, however because the game is online-only (another BIG mistake EA made), it synchronizes the timer with their online servers.

      • shcgzb

        See, you already trying to cheat, which you can if you pay to sponsor us non cheaters so we can play for free.

        You said the game is not challenging, why fast forward to advance? Others raided you bleedly dry?

      • Cheeseball

        Nope. Because I don't want to wait. It's very stupid to wait just to play a game.

      • fearlesskk

        You failed yourself by what you said... FVII is really boring... Why you cry about dungeon keeper if clash of clans as timers too yet the most popular game

      • Cheeseball

        Clash of Clans is another slow and shallow game, but I can understand why people like to play it. If you find FF boring, then RPGs are most likely not your type of games at all.

        Also, I'm not really "crying" about Dungeon Keeper itself, but more on the general stigma of F2P games. Long timers and expensive IAPs are not valid gaming strategies and cause boredom, which is the exact opposite of having fun in gaming.

      • 61050

        why are we feeding this guy?

      • LeeDot

        Shcgzb - I'd hardly say that the five star reviews are proof of the games quality and a media bias. If anything I'd say it's because EA has a pop up in the game that asks players what they'd rate the game. It gives two options, 1-4 and 5 stars. If players select 1-4 stars it takes them back to the game. If they select 5 stars it takes them to the App Store to leave a review so they can maximize the number of people that leave positive reviews and minimize the negative ones.

    • Fade to Slack

      Yeah, forget all that story. Who needs good taste, anyhow?

      • shcgzb

        If you enjoy the RPG game because of the story, not the gameplay, then reading a book is more fun.

        I played so much RPG games I find it less challenging compare to play with real people. It much more fun playing people than dumb AI which the programmer make sure average gamer can win. You don't have to be top 10 in player's score, as long as you find game challenge, it is fun.

        Just my 2 cents, everyone is different.

      • Cheeseball

        The problem is... there is no challenge in Dungeon Keeper 2014.

      • mclifford82

        How do you even have two cents left after playing Dungeon Keeper? Please wait four hours before responding, or pay $.99 to respond now.

      • Fade to Slack

        I've had trouble finding the start button on my book, though.

    • NinjaKitteh

      Dude, for the love of Cthulhu quit, let it go. No one really cares how much you love Dungeon Keeper. Quit spamming other threads about DK. It's just annoying.

    • Yourplague

      Kids these days...

    • imuddy

      I don't disagree with the fact that $16 is not something everyone would pay, and the FF series is not for everyone. But stating you rather play Dungeon Keeper and believe it is a better game has made all of you current, past, and future comment a fart in the wind. Out of the countless great rpgs for free you pick Dungeon Keeper, is beyond me and you definately never played the original classic.

    • rabidnz

      Your trolling makes my day

    • RellekWVU

      nice troll. This can't possibly be a serious post... Can it?

  • defunct32

    Contemplating whether I should update my iOS from 6 to 7 just for this? And no, I don't JB, I don't care about, just not a fan of 7 and I love iOS 6 too much to let it go.

    • Cheeseball

      If there are going to be other IOS7-only games that will be released in the future that may interest you, you may need to update to IOS7.

    • tomas47

      You can make is7 look like ios6 and ios6 like ios7 with jailbreak for example. Dont listen to fools saying that jailbreak is just for pirating, I have tens of tweaks, themes and additional features and I like them way much better than defaults. I dont care about cracks (but I like to wait for them to became free, while I am playing another game). And yes FF6 is awesome...update!

    • RinoaHeartily

      There's no reason not to upgrade.. Everything on 7 is far better than 6.. And not upgrading means you can't play oblique one of the best game pm ios

      • bilboad

        There certainly are reasons not to upgrade. The biggest reason is performance depending on the device you own. I overall like iOS 7 better than iOS 6, but on some devices it really slows everything down. I upgraded my iPad 4 and iPhone 4S to iOS 7, and my dad's iPhone 4.

        On the iPad 4 iOS 7 works great, and I'm glad I upgraded for the new features.

        On the iPhone 4S performance noticeably dropped. A lot of things take longer to load, for instance the camera, and there is often lag when typing which wasn't there with iOS 6. Also fewer apps fit in memory at once, presumably because the OS itself uses more memory, so apps have to reload a lot more often when switching between two apps, where before fast app switching would keep them both in memory. Overall, I'm mostly OK with having upgraded the device because I like the new features, but the performance hit is annoying enough that I can see someone regretting upgrading.

        The iPhone 4 is really terrible with iOS 7. Take all the problems I mentioned with the 4S and double them probably. I don't think Apple should even have allowed that device to be upgraded to iOS 7.

      • fearlesskk

        Ididnt bother to read but ios7 is the best

      • diaskeaus

        ?? Who ARE you? Why even bother typing a response if you didn't read the post?

      • mclifford82

        Iread your post and flagged it because it's useless. I'm not telling you this to instill fear in you; I know you are fearless. You do need to know you're being an asshole though.

      • NinjaKitteh

        No! iOS 8 is better. You don't know what you're talking about junior. I travelled from the future just to let you know 8 is the pinnacle of OSs.

      • defunct32

        Fearlesskk; don't be rude, have a seat or something.

      • swatbot

        Agreed, iOS7 has turned my iphone 4 into a useless brick. It works fine on my iPad 4, fortunately.

      • defunct32

        I've an iPod touch 5, I read it runs great but I dunno... I'm stubborn as all hell and once I'm attached to something or anything I like I find myself clinging onto it, I enjoy iOS 6, but my urge to play this is pretty strong!

    • mclifford82

      I think all games from here on out are going to be iOS 7. This is as good a reason as any to jump on board.

  • Nekku

    I wonder on which device the reviewer played it.
    Sure, if I have to make a review based of on the experience I had on my iPhone 5, I would easily throw out the 4 and a half stars. On my iPad MiniR I would rate it probably around 3 stars only if not less. This constant lag is so annoying that I prefer to play this game on my tiny iPhone screen, which is a shame.

    • Fade to Slack


      I was really angry when I bought The World Ends with You - Solo Remix and had 8 second load times on my iPhone 4. Then, a month later when I bought my iPhone 5, it was smooth sailing.

      • Nekku

        It's plausible that your iPhone 5 can handle and play games much smoother than your 4.
        But my iPad Mini Retina is much more powerful than my iP5 though it suffers from bad framerates whereas my iP5 plays smooth. Don't get it :/

      • Cheeseball

        It's probably because the iPads are trying to render the game at 2560x1536. This still doesn't make any sense though as it's mostly a 2D game. (Some of the magic attacks are 3D.)

      • Nekku

        I looked inside the FF6 folder and 90% of the game is made out of PNG/TGA/BMP files and mostly every single file is compressed into an .gz file. There are no separate iPhone and iPad assets so I guess it's stretched on the iPad. I don't know how this affects performance though

      • Cheeseball

        It shouldn't! If it's just scaling (stretching to the maximum resolution of the device), there's absolutely no reason why the iPad versions would run slower than the iPhone 4S/iPod touch (A5), iPhone 5 (A6) and 5S (A7).

  • speedyph
    • dancj

      Yeah. I'm mildly interested in the game, but at that price there's not a chance I'll be getting it - especially when I have a huge pile of games (paid and free) that I've barely touched.

      • OneBagTravel

        If it was a new Final Fantasy game that was set in the retro age of 90s JRPGs then I"d gladly throw the cash down. The fact that this is just a rerelease of a game that everyone and their dog played is kinda insulting at that price range. Recently SNK released Metal Slug 3 on Steam for $5.99. That's a 14 year old game. That's more along the price range that it should be. Square is just being greedy here trying to make a buck on a a 20 year old game that was sold for $70 on SNES.

    • alex13111

      Then don't play it. Miss out on a fantastic game (or so I have heard). Honestly, I feel like any of squenix's mobile titles are well worth the price of admission (FFIII, FFIV, TWEWY,etc)

      • fearlesskk

        None of them are worth yet... FFVII and FFXII are the inly ones that would be worth it

      • Brandon

        You must have been born after 1990

    • nini

      Fine, use that $15 to buy some English lessons, I can barely read what you write.

    • ikari_paul

      you cant have quality software at 99c

      • Cheeseball

        Er, you can, but it might not be for the long-term.

      • Mart

        Yes you can use a SNES emulator and play the original FF series

  • swatbot

    I mostly agree with the review. It's been a few years since I played FF6, so I picked it up suspiciously thinking I'd wind up tossing the cartridge back into my SNES. The minor battle system changes are kind of cool.

    If you find it lags like the reviewer did, close all other apps and reboot your iOS device. I don't know why an old 2D game is so processor intensive but for some reason this game needs a lot of resources to run.

    • diaskeaus

      I LOVE auto attack. This game was the first game were I truly had to grind in order to defeat some bosses, so the auto attack is a welcome addition.

      • swatbot

        Same, it speeds it up a lot, and it works nicely because it just duplicates your last moves. So you can customize it if you find a combo that works well.

  • curtisrshideler

    Love this game so far and don't mind most of the changes. However, seeing those character boxes slowly popping up drive me crazy during battles. I wish they were just constantly up and showed a status bar like FFIV. But that's my only complaint, and a minor one at that! It truly is the best port and best offering from SE yet. So thankful to finally have it and blessed to play on a newer device.

  • Ramaz1234

    This game is 5 stars....

  • paulf58

    No input lag on a 5 here. It's a virtual dpad that goes off motion - they aren't meant to be buttons. It's not perfect but it's no different than Dimensions or Chrono Trigger

  • Turbobond

    Needs proofing.

  • Sezzar

    How to get the music in the album to play? The background game music just keeps on playing

  • fearlesskk

    I tried this and deleted on the first fight (Jailbreak). Im so not use to this kind of fight. I played FFVII and it was fun but i got stuck when the police arrest you in the rollercoaster park and u need to go in the desert to fight a boss but i was never able to kill him.

    FF1-6 wasnt really fun for me but i think if FF7 comes out, I'll buy it...

    • Cheeseball

      Reading what you wrote here, it looks like JRPGs are not your cup of tea. The battle system in FF7 is exactly the same as in FF6 except that it's 3D.

      • diaskeaus

        JRPGs are turn-based strategy battles that should (if done right) require attack coordination, quick response to status de-buffs, HP losses, and tactical buffing. FF6 is perhaps the most advanced FF out there in terms of battle management (FF7 really dumbed down the formula), so yeah, if you found the first battle hard to manage you'll likely growl your way through most of the game. It's not as easy one, but if you understand the de-buffs and how to counter them and figure out the best way to defeat the various encounters the most efficiently, it's one of the best experiences you will ever have, and some encounters truly leave you satisfied with yourself, a rarity in games these days.

    • NinjaKitteh

      it cracks me up people thinking FF VII is gonna be good on modern devices. Square has stated on numerous occasions they won't redo the game graphically. Honestly, it looks like crap on my 1080p screen so why would it be better on a device with a larger resolution like an iPad.

      • swatbot

        Well FFVII has already been ported to the PC and PS3. I'm sure it will be fun, er, good if it's ported to iOS.. I just wouldn't expect visual upgrades. Maybe in six months to a year Square will drop a hint at FFVII for iOS, maybe never.

  • Eddy

    Jesus Christ, Square just lost it, you can't switch to the original sprites? no thanks!

    • mclifford82

      They've also updated all the other graphics too, just the sprites look extra sharp. You really don't notice it among all the other awesome shit they added.

      • Cheeseball

        Er, they're not actually sharper but even more blurrier. This was my only complaint about this port (and the FF5 port too). They look fine when you play it on a smaller device though since the interpolation isn't that evident.

      • swatbot

        Yep, it's just the background that's sharper. Looks like they re-sized the sprites in Photoshop (or something) and threw a Gaussian blur over them or some other filter, leaving blurred sprites with jagged visual edges over the hi res backgrounds. I really hope Square fixes this in an update. The original FFVI looked amazing for the time, the game deserves better.

      • Cheeseball

        Yeah, the backgrounds (and some of the enemy sprites) are SO much better than any of the previous ports. It's sad they didn't give the same proper treatment to the PC and NPC sprites..

      • 61050

        it did look amazing for its time- 20 years ago. im actually really digging the updated graphics. apparently im in the minority. i suppose its good then that other peoples opinions have no bearing on my own enjoyment. (being a freethinker has its advantages)

      • swatbot

        I guess there's no need for Square to update the graphics if nobody notices the difference.

  • diaskeaus

    Review was spot on. I probably would have given the game 4 stars though, because the controls are pretty aggravating and the portraits still don't match the pixels (which is unforgivable because of how easy it is to fix).

    The 8 direction setup is innovative but doesn't work as good as the FF Dimensions direction pad (the 4 direction pad in FF6 doesn't work very well). Would have been better for Square to go the touch route Kemco uses, or just copy over the code for the Dimensions pad.

    Amazing frame rates while walking on world map. I wish the frame rates were consistent though. There is a noticeable difference in different areas of the game, and given how the game can be emulated on a ridiculously low-powered machine perfectly, there really isn't any excuse for the frame rates in some areas.

    I did enjoy some of the upgraded graphics, but given how the characters still didn't match the portraits, that just about drives me up the wall everytime I play. Looking at the in-game art of Locke with a blue headband but looking at his yellow headband in his portrait is really a sign of laziness on the part of Square's QA department.

    • Cheeseball

      Are you talking about the Amano-style artwork? It's been like that ever since the original FF6 on the Super Famicom. I can't really complain if that's how Square originally wanted them in the game.

  • mclifford82

    Bought it, enjoying it so far. The artwork is great, the music (and being able to listen to any music at any time) is fantastic.

    I do notice the lag on the controls but it is certainly not a deal breaker and I'm sure it'll be addressed shortly.

    What exactly are the iCloud saves linked to? Game Center? I can't figure it out. I uploaded a save from my iPad Mini, and when I go to iCloud on my iPhone, neither option is available to me at all, it just won't connect to iCloud. Any ideas?

    • swatbot

      Not sure, but I've had no problems swapping it between my iPhone and iPad that are on the same apple account.
      To note, it was a bit sketch the first time I went to load my save, I think i went in and out of the iCloud load screen once or twice then it showed up. No problems since, however.

  • blackgames

    I don't really get how the redone menus and UI design doesn't fit at all with the whole game. I mean it looks completely different from the main game, it's more like A windows xp theme...

  • Inaba-kun

    Surely some mention should have been made of the truly awful frame rate this runs at on an iPad Mini Retina and an iPad Air. Bizarrely it runs fine on a phone, but not on a tablet.

    Controls and visuals are also extremely sub standard.

    The game remains great, but this port, stinks.

  • TurboRuhland

    Aww man why did you have to give this a good review? There goes my 15 bucks. Was hoping it would be crap do I didn't have to spend the money.

  • Ultima12

    This was one of my favorite games of all time. I haven't bought the iOS version yet because I wanted to see how it works. Sounds like its pretty solid so I'm on board.

    • 61050

      you wont be disappoint

  • rabidnz

    Are there actually people stupid enough to give the cunts at squeenox their 20$ for a lazy rehash of a freely available rom? Kudos to you retards!

  • pdSlooper

    Something interesting I noticed. I instinctively balk at the $16 price tag for the game, but I didn't hesitate to pay $18 for the soundtrack. Granted, they aren't identical products (I've gotten a lot more use out of the OST than I have, say, my FF6A cart). But still, something is up with how I value video games if I recognize part of the whole as worth $18 but have a hard time seeing the whole as worth more than that.

  • worldcitizen1919

    Very happy with this purchase. 5 stars from me.

  • Nick

    I've purchased the game twice for my SNES (I had to give it up when I moved in the late 90s) and again for the GBA and have beaten the game more times than I can count

    I bought it for iOS without much hesitation because really, having it available at any time is freaking awesome.

    That said, the new "improved" character sprites are absolutely terrible. They look wrong, feel wrong and stick out like a sore thumb. They're just too smooth and "perfect", Terra I found was the worst offender.

    What Secret of Monkey Island did was perfect. They had a toggle to switch between the new and classic graphics. With the new graphics, the overhaul made everything fit. Here, it just doesn't fit as nicely.

    Even with that, though, it's still one of, if not THE, best Overall RPG of all time. There are games that have aspects which are much improved versus FF6, but none that nail it to the same extent. Between the graphics, the gameplay, the insanely expansive world, the brilliant character development and often funny writing, one of the best villains of all time.

    Kefka is king of Muahahahahahahaha and whenever I hear the laugh, I think of him.

    • Endscrypt

      Try gba4ios 2.0 play it on your iPad especially since you do already own a copy of the game!

  • dawizerd

    Does this include the extra dungeon, etc. from the GBA version?

    • Cheeseball

      Yes it does. It's the GBA version but with the enhanced visuals and updated GUI.

  • Phantom Bruiser

    I'm waiting for FF: Mystic Quest, the greatest JRPG of all time!

    • Cheeseball

      Honestly, it's a good game for a those who want to get into JRPGs. A beginner's RPG is what I classify it as. Just don't take it as a serious part of the Final Fantasy series.

      • 61050

        never thought about it but mystic quest would be perfect for ios.

    • Jesse_Dylan

      It's not a very good RPG. 🙂 But I would love to replay it! I wish they actually would release it.

  • Chungston

    This is the best game on the App Store!

  • OneBagTravel

    I've played this game enough on SNES and roms that playing through it on iOS would be strictly novelty. Paying $15 for a novelty is outside of my price range. Even throwing out the current state of $.99 games. If it was on Steam for $15 I'd pass it on just the same way. This is def a $4.99 title.

  • Reignmaker

    I'll wait for the inevitable 50% price cut around Christmas time. Especially if the controls lag a bit.

  • Grant Butler

    This version is shit, why did they ruin the original? Shoulda just been a straight port.

  • Smjpo Knfyl

    use my link featu. re/8x7gz2 to get iTunes, Amazon gift cards or PayPal cash

  • cheehoG

    i cant seem to take terra south to the king in Figaro Castle from Narshe. Everytime i head south game crashes. Anyone knows why?

  • Carlos Alexandre

    Final Fantasy 6 is among my favorite games. However this port, remake, whatever you want to call it, is the worst way to experience it.

    - Initially had always-online DRM. This has been patched out; good. But should never have happened in the first place.

    - The already abysmal mobile interface is ported wholesale to PC with little optimization, with buttons and scroll bars in place of more thoughtful, less obtrusive, less eyesore layouts. It's as bad on the eyes as it is on the hands, and the one good idea behind the battle UI -- everyone's menus on screen at once, Chrono Trigger style -- suffers as a result.

    - Dancing Mad, the final battle theme, used to smoothly transition between its various tiers as the fight progressed. Now, each tier of music just abruptly interrupts the last. In a game known for its stellar music, no less.

    - The in-game "Album," which acts as the story log/chronicle, has events that are missable (#26, if you don't nab it in the World of Balance), and doesn't respect your decisions and party choices (it acts as though Mog was first met in the World of Ruin; the screenshots mostly just show Celes, Edgar, Sabin, and Setzer despite who you tend to use).

    - The multiplayer feature present in the SNES original is gone.

    - Configuring controls must be done through a launcher; the in-game options menu has no controller configuration. And if you accidentally unplug or power down your controller during play, well, that's a restart.

    - Various long-known, long-outstanding bugs from the original SNES release are still present. Though admittedly, some are addressed, such as Physical Evade actually working and Cyan's Bushido (SwdTech) actually working as intended (pick a skill, he charges as other party members act).

    - If you set your movement to WASD, the keys register as part of a new character's name when you try to save, preventing you from naming ANYONE their default name.

    - Intermittent freezing/crashing, sometimes from controllers, sometimes not.

    - Ill-thought-out visual remastering, with mismatching styles and overall poor quality, including a mixed bag of new sprites and spell effects.

    Square Enix has said they charge more for their games because they deliver better experiences. Many of their games prove this rhetoric proven thoroughly false, though perhaps none more so than the Steam version of Final Fantasy 6.

    Very disappointing.

  • yalans

    It's no used. Add traditional Chinese in Taiwan region!

FINAL FANTASY VI Reviewed by Eric Ford on . Rating: 4.5