mj2logoWhen it comes to vertical jumpers on the App Store, Papi Jump [Free] is the grandaddy of them all, while Doodle Jump [$0.99] is the one that broke through to the masses. But Get Set Games' Mega Jump [Free] is the one that ushered the genre into the free-to-play market. Well, eventually, that is. Mega Jump started out life as a 99¢ title, but like many before it, changed course a few months later to a fully free-to-play model. It was incredibly successful too, garnering tens of millions of downloads across iOS and Android since first arriving back in 2010. Well, not surprisingly, Get Set Games is following up that title's success with a sequel.

While Mega Jump 2 looks quite similar to the first, there are several significant changes which should please fans of the series. First off, it's truly an endless game now, whereas Mega Jump was level-based. There's a brand new Adventure mode which is basically a series of meta-goals to shoot for while you play, a la Jetpack Joyride and the like. There is a bigger emphasis on collection this time around, with secret eggs to find that will unlock hidden characters and new Tokens which can be collected in order to trigger a new Mega Fever Mode.

mj2 mj2big mj2cave

mj2characters mj2goals mj2stanley

Perhaps the biggest change, and the one most-requested by Mega Jump players, is that the different playable characters now have their own unique attributes. Additionally, Mega Jump 2 features hundreds of new level layouts, which the team meticulously puts together by hand to ensure they are enjoyable, as well as plenty of new enemies and items. All in all it sounds like the Mega Jump you know and love, just bigger, better and endless with lots of user-requested features. Be on the lookout for Mega Jump 2 to hit next week.

  • SumoSplash

    Redford is adorable.

  • C. Stubb

    Oh joy, everybody's favorite knock-off free-to-play jumping game is coming back to grace the AppStore with its presence again. (dripping in deadpan sarcasm)

    • christopherrocs

      U serious dood? Best jumper on the App Store and its own game

  • DemoEvolved

    Because why not? But Mega Run was way way more fun than Mega Jump ever was

  • ImJPaul

    Wowwww! Looks......exactly the same?

    • Deixa

      And the iAP

  • Goggles789

    I enjoyed Mega Sit much better. It's easier and the IAP was very fair.

  • MrKershaEsq

    Just not my cup of tea. I prefer coffee.

  • Kozio235

    It looks the same ._.

  • Mess

    Just what the App Store needed, another endless jumper. Because there want enough already.

    And for added benefit it looks like a complete clone of Mega Jump. What's it called again. Oh...

    • christopherrocs


  • liteking

    These Mega Run & Mega Jump games are so repetitive.
    Anyone knows why TouchArcade hates other endless runners but favors these?

    • nini

      Best of a bad bunch.

  • NickCoombe

    Get Set Games dev here. As a small dev team up here in frosty Toronto, we couldn't be more proud of Mega Jump 2, and hopefully fans of the original (I'm looking at you SumoSplash 🙂 will enjoy it as much as we did making it.

    We took everything we loved about the original, stripped out everything that didn't work, improved everything that did, threw it in a brand new engine and created a ton of new features, characters and enemies. It really is better in every way, while staying true to what made the original a favourite.

    The proof is in the pudding though, and I think the game will speak for itself when it comes out. Even if Mega Jump 2 doesn't seem like your cup of tea, there's a reason 40 million people downloaded the original 🙂 Try it - you just might like it!

  • nicoper

    Why do all developers always release a second version of their games? Its starting to get annoying and everyone is still wanting Half-Life 3 not [insert random title here] 2.

  • Di Hoc Roi

    Can't wait