You may or may not have been aware, but Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars [$4.99 / Free] and Chinatown Wars HD [$4.99 / Free (HD)] have been missing from the App Store since back in September. Apparently, thanks to a note in the app's description that Rockstar put there prior to taking the game down, it was due to an iOS 7 incompatibility bug, and they'd be investigating a fix for it. Well, that fix is here and both the iPhone and iPad versions of GTA: Chinatown Wars are back in action on the App Store. Best of all, they've both been given a facelift with graphical support for Retina Display devices.

Not everything in the game has been Retina-ized, like cutscenes or menu UI stuff, which is understandable as this game was originally created for the Nintendo DS and its low-res screens. But the actual in-game graphics and dialogue text is all sharp as a kitten's claw now, and it looks great. Sadly, though, there is no widescreen support for the 4-inch iOS devices, which is something I'd deeply hoped for if Chinatown Wars ever made its return. Ah well, looks like I'll be playing on my iPad.


At any rate, the most important thing is that GTA: Chinatown Wars actually works now, and it's an incredibly awesome game that you should play if you haven't already. I might even go as far as saying it's my favorite GTA game period. The drug selling mini-game itself could be its own full-fledged game. Definitely check it out, or if you've been dying to play Chinatown Wars but haven't been able to since updating iOS 7, then give the updated version a download and start jacking some cars to start the weekend off right.

  • Kane

    Still no iPhone 5 widescreen support. Updated it 1 hour ago

    • themostunclean

      The article you're commenting on specifically mentions that...

      Actually making it universal like all other Rockstar games on iOS would have been nice too.

  • Ramaz1234

    Should I buy this game? I just got GTA: San Adreas today

    • Kane

      Get it for the full GTA experience! Get iPad version if you can.

  • Xissoric

    Pretty sure it's actually the PSP version of the game that was ported to iOS, not the DS version.

    • roguewaver

      That could be, but wouldn't the touch screen elements work better with the DS?

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    Fantastic, it's back in the App Store... An it doesn't work. iOS 7.0.4 on an iphone 4s with Spanish settings. I get a black screen with high res text but no images. I cannot skip it and when I should begin playing, the game hangs. Rebooted the phone, but it didn't work. Fantastic... :-/

    • AvengedInstinct

      Dido, I'm on a 5s though

    • VirtualBoyFreak

      I reply to myself: just checked the App Store for updates and there's an update for GTA: CW. It seems the App Store installed the previous version (black screen bug) on the phone, and now it detects the update available. Hopefully it will work...

      • macsmister

        I tried it and still encounter the black screen bug at the start so I can't start the game on my 5S. Has anyone gotten it to work on the 5S?

  • Professionalbum

    I played this eons ago on the DS; worth repurchasing?

    • themostunclean

      On a non-retina iPad, yes. It's still a long ways away from being optimized for current devices but if fuzzy graphics don't bother you then it's still a great game.

  • chadwerd

    I bought this eons ago. Redownloading now. It's a great port.

  • robert

    I was waiting for this mainly for iPhone 5 screen support, good thing they just released San Andreas

  • basil

    Played this eons ago and loved selling drugs

  • ridiculocity

    Glad it's back!!! Now just waiting for Space Ace to return to iPhone updated to iOS 7.

  • Sean Magnoni

    I played and finished this game when it first came to iOS. It controls fine on just touch but I hope an update adds 4 inch screen support and controller support.

  • OneBagTravel

    I thought Apple rejected any apps that didn't support the 4inch screen.

    Also have they added cloud based saves yet?

    • boxedninja

      I haven't played the update, but I assume they just made the touch controls fit the screen size and left the game at the same dimensions.

  • Trautman

    Please update Japanese version ASAP!