It's been a crazy last couple of months with all of the big holiday releases capturing everyone's attention, but not to be missed is a brand new trailer for Loveshack Entertainment's upcoming iOS release Framed. With a noir art style and comic book style layout, Framed is at its core a puzzle game that tasks you with placing the different panels in each segment into the correct order so your trench coat and fedora wearing protagonist can make his way to the exit. It sounds strange trying to describe it, but makes perfect sense when you see it, so check out this latest trailer for Framed to see how it works.

You may also remember that we took a hands-on look at Framed back in March of this year, as well as picked the brains of Loveshack Entertainment for some insight into the development of this unique title. Definitely give that a read if you haven't yet. Loveshack has posted in our forums that Framed will likely release sometime in early 2014, and you can find out more through that very forum link as well as through a very slick little teaser site they've put together for the game. Make sure this one is on your radar.

  • minhonow

    Wow....jaw dropping

  • fdmstryct

    What are you going to say about that, mobile game haters?!

    • clompah

      Cod ghosts has better graphics and it's all a better story line
      *trolling* lol

    • Dr. Woodenstein

      I am by no means a mobile game hater. Nevertheless, I will say I tend to prefer console gaming. I think at this point the main issue I have with mobile gaming is that everyone is still trying to accomodate older iPods/iPhones/iPads. I mean there's no reason we can't have something equal to Skyrim or Fallout on our mobile devices. I do understand why they accomodate though, it's to make enough money to survive. Still... Fallout... sigh

  • NinjaKitteh

    Damn, this game looks sweet! It's nice to see a game that you can tell was actually made for touch controls and is really clever and new in its execution. Can't wait!

  • GaZ-OiD

    On my watch list 🙂

  • tomj315

    That looks like one of the best games I've ever saw, and I saw a lot. I'm really looking forward to play it.