It seems like only yesterday that Pixbits updated their crafting adventure game Junk Jack X [$4.99] with a Thanksgiving theme and tons of other new content, but it was actually just under a month ago. Still, that's an incredibly short amount of time to already be releasing another update, but that's exactly what Pixbits has done as a new Christmas themed update has gone live for the game.

As is typical with Pixbits, there's a whole lot more to this update than just a holiday theme. The biggest new feature is a completely new planet called Cryo, as well as more than 40 new mobs with new loot drops. There's also a new dynamic weather system, craftable fireworks, a new ore which you can use to make stronger items and armor, and plenty of new items, armors, weapons, plant types, rare statues… just an insane amount of new stuff. That's not even counting all of the new stuff that comes specifically as part of the Christmas theme, which itself is extensive. As always, you can check out the full list of new features and fixes in the App Store description or on the Pixbits blog.


I was always impressed with how much the original Junk Jack was updated with new content and constant tweaks and fixes, but despite just being released this past August it already feels like Junk Jack X is already outpacing its original. You can check out our full review of Junk Jack X, as well as the many comments and impressions from gamers in our forums.

  • RoundPiplup

    I already played the new update, and within 2 days I found the pieces for Cryo. It was nice, yet the opposite of Magmar. What difference? Cryo is cold, Magmar is hot. Cryo is frozen, Magmar is burning.

  • YMCMBRules

    Maybe I'll but my girlfriend a GiftCard and tell her to buy this game, looks very cool! :I

    • YMCMBRules

      I mean 😮

      • YMCMBRules

        And buy, not but 😛

  • Retro Nug

    I bought this when it came out. Maybe I should actually get into it for more than an hour!

  • Kane

    Are they copying Terraria with the whole Xmas themed update? Seems like they are.

    • sivad

      I'm not sure copying is the best word there, lots of games put out holiday themed updates. I'm happy though because they are different and I play both.

    • Defcubusal

      Keep in mind the original Junk Jack had an Xmas themed update before Terraria was even announced for mobile devices.

      • tomas47

        I played both Terraria and junk jack X and I need to say that mobile version of Terraria is crap compared to Junk Jack X which not stop there, because JJX is updating 10 times faster.

      • Defcubusal

        Have not played Terraria myself but I agree that Junk Jack X is fantastic and the updates are nothing short of amazing, been a fan since day one. Thank you PixBits!

  • curtisrshideler

    So thankful for weather conditions finally in JJ! Wish I could have it snow always in the winter section. Also wish there was a Christmas tree I could craft. Seems like its the only thing missing for my house.

    • Durduhdur

      There is a Christmas tree sapling you can discover. 🙂

      • curtisrshideler

        Yeah I have a few of those. But they don't look like actual Christmas trees. In the original Junk Jack there was a Christmas Statue you could build that looked like a real Christmas tree. Wonder if that'll make an appearance this year again...

  • Rainbow Whang

    This game is great. Love the updates the debs give us. I just haven't played it since it came out because of school (junior year sucks) and studying and sat stuff. 🙁 I barely played the thanksgiving update, and I haven't updated to the Christmas one. Should I play the thanksgiving one a lot and then update? Or just update?

  • Retro Nug

    Good question. Are all the Thanksgiving update stuff removed from the game now??

    • Nathaniel Arnold

      I found the Chestnut/Purple Dirt surface biome on a newly-created Terra today, so at least some of the Thanksgiving stuff still remains. It'll be harder to find now, however, because it's being "squeezed" by the new Christmas content.

      Junk Jack X blows The Blockheads (a similarly-themed game) out of the water in almost every respect, but I do think that in its next big version (X2? Y?) Junk Jack should try to approach Blockheads' world size.

  • HansKaosu

    I know what i will be playing/streaming today

  • The kernel

    As a total minecraft junkie, Ill be playing this well through the new year probably. I have all of the other planets on my main world stream, just another planet to find. I will say this, the .99 cent helmets in the shop are WELL worth the money.