We absolutely loved The Walking Dead [Free] the first time around, and I can't wait for them to expand on the story. Telltale just released a new trailer for the second season, and I do not recommend watching it if you haven't been through the first season. Not that it's particularly spoiler-y, but you do see a bit of the first installment that you might want to keep fresh-

Telltale is still being super vague with release dates, specifically with iOS. It makes sense, it's a crazy time of the year with lots of people trying to slide in before the iTunes freeze. Regardless, it'd be amazing if their "maybe this month" turns into seeing season two next week. Either way, I look forward to all five installments of the second season.

  • dariusjr98

    "Video Currently Unavailable"

    *In Darth Vader Voice*


    • DtheGOPkiller

      Just goggle walking dead season 2. There are articles all over. Looks great!

      • dariusjr98

        Saw the trailer. VERY pumped.

        And I knew Kenny was alive!

      • rewind

        How do I goggle something? Do I have to wear specific protection apparel on my eyes to goggle it?

  • dribblejam

    Kenny!!! And I miss Carly:(

  • TimTim92

    That doesn't look like Kenny to me..

    • DtheGOPkiller

      How dare you try and crush HOPE!

      • TimTim92

        I'M SORRY, OK!! D:

        I once had hope when I saw a screenshot of that new guy and was like "OMG KENNY!"

        Hope was lost after this trailer..


        He could still be in it.. holding on to hope again!

  • JD214

    I hope we get a complete edition without the IAP's or at least cheaper, which I doubt we'll get, hated paying $14.99 for parts 2-5. For that price I'd would've rather buy a console game, not paying that again.

    Like I've stated in the forum before, I'd rather buy a $2.99, $4.99, $6.99 etc. game without IAP's, than one that's free or .99 but has over $20 in IAP's. It's seriously ridiculous.

    • jamesmcadams82

      I'm pretty sure that it was cheaper on iOS than any other format for the same game. It's a bargain.