It's been just about a month since Cornfox & Bros. and FDG Entertainment launched Oceanhorn [$7.99] into the App Store, and if you've absolutely played the game to death since then and are dying for more, then I've got some good news for you. In an interview with, lead producer at Cornfox & Bros. Antti Viljamaa states "…we are definitely going to work with this Oceanhorn world, be it a sequel or extension pack - we haven't decided exactly." He then follows it up with "The next thing for us will be something to do with Oceanhorn, we are thinking of porting this version of the game to other platforms, but we haven't decided if we're going to do it and we haven't announced any particular platforms, but we would love to do a sequel and I'm 99 percent sure we're going to make one."

So, there you go. Be it a sequel or expansion pack, there's more Oceanhorn in our collective futures, and that's a good thing. Besides divulging their plans to expand the existing Oceanhorn, the interview is a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at how Oceanhorn really came to be, a process that originally started three years ago in 2010 when Cornfox & Bros. was first formed. One of the interesting tidbits revealed in the interview is that most of the level design was done right on an iPad, and that the team at one point considered releasing their level editor along with the game for players to utilize. The problem was there just wasn't a real reason to, as Oceanhorn is heavily based around its storyline and relies on that structure, so throwing a level editor in the mix didn't really make sense. Still, it's something they might consider doing in the future.

Be sure to give the full, lengthy interview a read and see just how Oceanhorn came to be. Also, be on the lookout for more Oceanhorn content, either in the form of an expansion or a sequel, and we'll let you know once any more concrete news about that hits.


  • CzechCongo

    This article showed up in my TA app watch list before it did in the News & reviews section. Weird.

    Anyway, yay.

  • Ozzy111

    What game creator did they use

    • Matt Curtis


    • themostunclean

      You mean what engine? Likely proprietary, otherwise it would have been mentioned in the game's credits.

      • ikari_paul

        indies usually dont have proprietary engines, because theyre expensive to create. Might have used "unity" or "gamemaker"

      • LeeDot

        If you look at the credits in the game there a larger team than you might think. They have one person specifically credited for graphic programming so it's reasonable to assume that they used a custom engine.

      • Eduardo Ribeiro Bueno Netto

        They said in their interview that they're using a custom engine build together with Mountain Sheep, because they share the same office and technologies! =D

  • falco

    I hope It will be a new update I don't want a new application.

    • Amenbrother

      Why because you would have to pay for it? Geez.

      • mclifford82

        I love how people on other gaming platforms like to save money when buying games, but you're a parasite on the industry of iOS gaming if you want to avoid paying for something.

      • visualplayer

        Saving money doesn't equal not paying anything.

  • Taclys

    I would hope for an expansion pack, and I'd pay IAP for it!

  • HippoHumper

    This is a first. Not only would I not mind any IAP, I'm actually looking forward to and hoping for it. Such a weird, tingly feeling in my pinky toes...

  • The kernel

    I would definitely IAP an expansion. I love the game, so does my child. Very enjoyable and certainly, much like GoF2, very much repayable again and again.

    • falco

      Hell no IAP but a new expansion in the same application don't forget Its IAP FREE!

      • mclifford82

        In App Purchase does NOT mean microtransactions. They can make a $9.99 IAP expansion that doesn't have the usual annoyances of IAP.

  • Jacob007

    Fingers crossed for IAP, and I can't believe they're considering a sequel already!

  • MrKershaEsq

    Word on the street is that there's a lot of folks sitting at the sidelines waiting for a price drop. A potential extra wall of money, if you must.

    • Pray For Death

      Who are these folks? Does their name start with 'MrKershaEsq'? 😛

    • Jake7905

      Wouldn't it be great if Oceanhorn never goes on sale? It would serve as a symbolic middle finger to all of those App Store cheapskates. (You know who you are)

      • Amenbrother

        Lol love it.

      • Flamingo

        It'd be awesome if it DID have a price drop.., but then to unlock the rest of the game after a while you had to pay full price before progressing. This game is worth every cent, and any tactic the devs use to bring more people into the world, the better!

      • falco

        It will never happend for IAP Its a real game.

      • mclifford82

        I'm perfectly comfortable trying to save money on this hobby, just as I am on Xbox and Playstaiton. I don't hear people on those platforms getting new assholes ripped everytime they try to save a few bucks.

      • visualplayer

        Most of those people don't try not to spend ANY bucks. I have friends who refuse to try Oceanhorn and wonder why tiny tower doesn't satisfy them. *Eyeroll*

  • skeletonlord

    Interesting read on the interview. I'm glad this game will be getting updates. Enjoyed thoroughly the game up to defeating the final boss. Still not at 100% completion though.

    I also read about the level editor, which was going to be included, but was taken out. There's a possibility that upcoming updates may feature this. Designing levels and uploading them for others to play would be quite cool.

    Costumes for the main character will be a nice change too. Maybe an armor system in the future?

  • Ramaz1234

    Sweet... I still need to beat the gamexD

  • HandsomeLuke

    I need to finish this game I enjoyed what I played, but been playing Forza 5 and Arkham Origins lately.

  • StefaniaBelmondo

    If they do create a sequel, it would be cool if they could take it to a little different direction, make it little less obvious Zelda clone and more of a real original title.

    • mclifford82

      The direction it went is directly responsible for it's success. If they want to go in another direction, fine, but this has been established as Oceanhorn and they shouldn't change that because they obviously didn't have an issue with it to begin with.

  • joshob1987

    I already beat this one so I would much rather see a sequel and Im willing to wait for it. Make the puzzles more challenging this time, they never took more than 25 seconds to figure out but it was still a great game.