Badland [$0.99], a game that was already pretty phenomenal when it launched back in April, is the gift that just keeps on giving as its just received its eighth(!) major content update. In the update, the conclusion of Day II brings 10 new Night levels that feature deadly laser beams. There's also 30 new missions to complete and 7 brand new achievements to earn. You can see what these new Night levels are like in the following trailer.

As developer Frogmind mentions in the update description, Badland now features 80 levels total, which is twice what it originally shipped with when it launched earlier this year. In terms of bang for your buck, not many games can come close to what Badland offers. If you're one of the many who are already enjoying Badland then make sure to update to the latest version and check out the new content, but if you have yet to try it out you really should consider it as it's one of the most enjoyable and visually striking games on the iOS platform.

  • Kane


  • cloudpuff

    Love this game, one of my faves.

  • saucybag

    Oh man! I'm so excited to finish day 2. Badland has been one of the most complete ios experiences, a true gem.

  • AlexsIpad

    Is day 2 the end of the game? I've just finished day 2 and it seems that there won't be any more levels added

    • armilla

      I thought there was a Day III in the works, but I may be mistaken. Either way, I'm grateful for all of the extra content!

  • Jake7905

    Paid $4 on release day and it feels like I got a bargain; no IAP, continual content updates, and a fantastic game behind it all. When the game went free for the App Store's 5th anniversary, I was actually happy that more people would experience Badland.

  • AlexsIpad

    Hopefully they will make a Badland 2 if day 2 is the end!

  • SumoSplash

    Um, can I please give Frogmind more money? This is starting to get ridiculous.

  • falco

    Love Badland !

  • Ramaz1234

    This and Junk Jack x update wow!

  • lancheta

    Trailer of new content looks freakin awesome!!! Updating now

  • Phoenix24

    I would love to see more updates to Badland, however I have had much more than my initial $4 worth. It is definitely mine and my sons favourite game of the year.

    Badland 2 would be a must buy on iOS as it seems to be the perfect game for touch devices.