Thanksgiving Turkey Helm for ‘Infinity Blade III’ Now Available for a Limited Time

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If you were a fan of the Infinity Blade series’ seasonal helms, then you’ll be happy to know that the first such helm is now available in the latest entry in the series Infinity Blade III ($6.99). Being that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and that’s a pretty darn major holiday, the themed helm is none other than a Turkey Helm which looks pretty similar to the ones from the previous game. You can nab the helm for both Siris and Isa, and reenact the warm turkey-headed embrace seen in this screenshot from Infinity Blade‘s website which announced the news.


The Turkey Helm will only be available for this week, and once it’s gone it won’t be returning until next year. However, with Infinity Blade III the helm isn’t something that rotates with the seasons, and from what we’ve heard all seasonal helms that come out will be their own separate items. So you should still be able to keep rocking the Turkey Helm even when Christmas or Easter roll around. The Turkey Helms aren’t just there to look silly though, even though they totally do, but you’ll actually earn more experience and skill points while wearing them. Oh, and in case you missed it, the original Infinity Blade ($5.99) is still free so be sure to nab that too if you haven’t already.

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