applelogoWhen a developer releases a new game or app to the App Store, or releases an updated version of one, Apple allows them to generate 50 promotional codes for that app. These promo codes can then be redeemed in the App Store, allowing the redeemer to download said game or app for free. An even bigger benefit to promo codes, especially in our case here at TouchArcade, is that they can be generated even before the app is set for sale to the public, letting reviewers get their hands on a game prior to its release in order to prep coverage for when the game does go live for the general population.

However, Apple has most recently touted that there are more than 700 million iOS devices out in the wild, and a measly 50 promo codes don't stretch that far. People have been clamoring for Apple to bump that number up, especially in the cases of offering iOS apps as rewards for things like Kickstarter where the developer would like the ability to give out potentially thousands of their app as rewards for backers.

Well, it might not be thousands, but it appears that Apple is set to bump up the number of promo codes they allow developers to generate from 50 to 100, according to a report from MacStories. As they've noted, the news isn't quite official yet and hasn't been posted to Apple's developer portal, but several folks on Twitter have been able to generate 100 codes themselves in iTunes Connect.

While this news doesn't quite satisfy the problem of offering iOS apps as rewards in mass quantities, it is a nice bump up for developers who send promo codes out to media outlets when marketing their releases and updates. Those previous 50 codes don't stretch as far as you might think. Also, game developers have had a lot of positive responses by posting promo codes in our forums, allowing some of our more astute members to leave impressions of the game and potentially sway future purchasers on whether or not a game is worth buying. We even have a dedicated forum set up for promo code giveaways and contests. The bump up from 50 codes to 100 is a step in the right direction, and looks like good news for both developers and consumers alike.


  • Johnny Coghlan

    I literally just spotted the 100 promo code availability while distributing promo codes to press and fans for Don't Shoot Yourself! for universal iOS. Good work Apple!

    • nejakdivne

      Not limited amount would be good work. This is merely, "meh, okay, better than nothing." 😉
      Apple dictates, as usually. No surprise here, really.

  • philodygmn

    Thank you for using the "old", beautiful Aqua version of the Apple logo instead of that hideous brushed metal abomination.

  • mclifford82

    I don't understand why Apple is involved in the number of codes at all. A developer should have the final say on how much they promote their app and give it away.

  • liteking

    Anyone know exactly why Apple limit the number of Promo Codes?
    I guess that's to avoid developers hacking the Top Paid chart by sending mass promo codes to random people? Not really sure but could be a reason

    • cymsdale

      It's so developers don't sell the codes to bypass Apple's cut from store sales.

    • NemoidStudio

      Apps given with promo codes don't count for charts.

      I think cymsdale gave the true reason.