iPad mini With Retina Display’s Processor is Clocked at 1.3Ghz, Down From iPad Air’s 1.4Ghz

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Apple seems to have a very small number of Retina iPad minis available for sale at Apple Stores, and it’d appear that someone who managed to find one just ran Geekbench ($0.99). The results are here, and the iPad mini with Retina Display scores a 1390 in single core tests and a 2512 in multicore tests. Comparatively, the iPad Air rocks a 1466 in single core and 2658 in multicore.

Keep in mind, while some people might find these results vaguely disappointing, it seems to still have the same 1GB of RAM. Additionally, the original iPad mini scored a 261 in single core tests and 493 in multicore- So any way you slice it you’re looking at an incredible increase over the previous model. It remains to be seen how much, if any, real world difference we see between the 1.3Ghz and 1.4Ghz iPads… But I’ve got my money on there not being much difference at all.

Stay tuned as we get more impressions on the Retina iPad mini.

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