Lagging behind the rest of tonight's releases is the collaboration between Disney and Nimblebit, Tiny Death Star [Free]. We've fiddled around with the New Zealand version of the game earlier today, and it's totally fair to describe it as Tiny Tower [Free] with several thick layers of officially branded Star Wars paint. The gameplay essentially remains very similar to the original, but this time around Star Wars fan service is absolutely everywhere.

Tiny Death Star is totally free to try, and at least initially seems to be just as generous as Tiny Tower is with its free to play model. Definitely give it a look, as Tiny Tower was one of my favorite virtual ant farms and I am stoked to get into building my own Death Star.

  • D. Bida

    Yeeaaa... Now that I've played this for even a short amount of time... They couldn't have added anything? All they did was slap a fresh coat of "Star Wars" paint on it and call it a day. It's bland. They couldn't have added some new features? Some new gameplay elements? I don't know. I thought all the Temple Run spin offs were crap. At least the Angry Birds games tried adding some different gameplay elements. Just seems like I'm replaying Tiny Tower all over from the start. I deleted it from my phone cause I got bored of it in the first place

    • Bruj

      It's got new features that tiny tower lacked. First, finding all the different Star Wars people

      • bluspacecow

        Interesting . Tell me more about these extra features. IE ones that make this game different then tiny tower.

        Points of distinction that make this not just a reskin of tiny towe.

      • rewyan

        Collecting scenes and bitizens, imperial levels, new missions system, more useful VIPs, one minute deduction when you deliver someone to that floor, nice little animations when you locate the the rebel hero, and some more minor changes. If they changed the entire concept, it wouldn't have that familiar feel to it. I think it works well, and I'm enjoying the Star Wars scenes and humor.

      • visualplayer

        The whole Imperial floor system is interesting.

  • jtall

    No iPod support? Really? This is ridiculous!!!

    • jcifrit

      wtf...LEGO LotR is compatible with iPod 4, but THIS isn't?

    • mutts

      Nimblebit has a reputation when it comes to not supporting older devices.
      My ipod 2nd gen could not run tiny tower. Seems this game has the same limitation.
      For some strange reason this app needs to use GPS!?

      • getsuga04

        wouldn't exactly call the 5th gen ipod touch old...

      • Jon

        I know right? I don't see why it isn't compatible. I have an iPod Touch 5th generation too. I mean really? They made it compatible for the iPhone 4S, which might I add has the exact same processor that the iPod Touch 5th gen has.

  • Goggles789

    I tried this just now but I don't get it. What are you supposed to do? The tutorial ran me through a bunch of stuff but I have no idea the purpose any of it served.

  • stormy8888

    This has been out for ages on aussie app store, WHAT IS A DIGITAL COMPASS THAT MY IPOD DOESNT HAVE

    • mutts

      It simply means you lack GPS, it won't work on ipod.
      Why they do this is beyond me, tiny tower has the same problem.

  • Wiggles

    This will be a day long remembered. It has seen the end of Kenobi; it will soon see the end of the rebellion.

  • Dammster

    I consider Tiny Tower boring, and as this is nothing else but just reskinned, I pass.

  • squabs

    I've had it working on my iPod touch 4 for nearly a month, I installed my Australian soft launch version using ifunbox. Only problem is iTunes won't sync my iPod with this on it.

  • mclifford82

    Star Wars characters with downs syndrome. No thanks.

    • whitestatic

      Not cool.

  • Matt F

    The Star Wars name on it had my curiosity but the gameplay is bland and boring... deleted.

  • Jake7905

    Played for an hour because of the Star Wars name, that's an hour of my life I'd like to have back. Deleted.

    • rewyan

      Did you get to the Imperial levels in that hour? If so, I find that, along with the other new features, very hard to not appreciate.

      • bluspacecow

        So it gets interesting with varying elements of gameplay at later levels ?

  • NickyNichols

    I played the heck out of Tiny Tower, to the point ad nauseum. I really have no desire to revisit the game either, even with a new coat of paint. Pass.

  • makitango

    This game doesn't look very NimbleBit-like. The used fonts look different that in the screenshots, and even those do not look Tiny Tower/Pocket Planes or Trains alike. Also, it seems alot more money-pushed. What the hell was in the contract with LucasArts/Disney? I feel extremely let down by NimbleBit as I do not see a quality game here.

  • darnoc703

    First anamaly, now this. Friggin compass

  • Eric

    How does a micro sim game from a good developer, not have cross device syncing?! It just blows my mind.

  • echo_pdx

    A little surprised by all the hate. I'm enjoying it. 🙂

    • rewyan

      Me too

      • mutts

        Same here, it has a few extra's over tiny tower.
        More stuff to collect, levels,characters and little clips.
        But in general if you don' t like tiny tower stay away from this.
        The gameplay is basicly the same.

  • b-oliveira82

    Very buggy... The app closes randomly in my Iphone 5... Deleted

  • rabidnz

    Star wars shouldnt be another sticker you put on a shit clone game to sell it to fankids. Definitely missing this one - will do the same when numbers 2,3,4,5 come out

  • mondoz

    I don't understand why people are acting irritated that they don't like this game.

    Not all games are going to be marketed towards everyone.

    It's a waste of my time to go complain about games that aren't my type, and it adds *nothing* to the discussion. I don't go find threads about Barbie games or My Little Pony and say that there aren't enough explosions or murder scenes in them. They clearly aren't the kinds of games I like, and that's hardly the game or the developer's fault. If I don't like RPGs, it helps no one to go into a Final Fantasy thread and say that it just isn't a good enough racing game.

    Quit acting like it is a personal insult to you that this game isn't exactly what you want. Go find one that is. Crapping on this when it's clearly not for you is pointless.

    This game is Tiny Tower with Star Wars graphics. Why are you shocked and insulted when it isn't something else?

  • meitantei

    Another game without iPod 5th gen support. I can understand not supporting 4th gen iPods but really? I can't upgrade this often.....

    • Jon

      I know that feeling, besides even if you could what would you upgrade to? Considering apple didn't release a 6th gen.....

  • philadendron

    Never played the original Tiny Tower, so this seems like a good way to give it a spin.

  • spokentruths772

    Incompatible with iPods -_-

  • rewyan

    Whenever you deliver a Bitizen with the elevator, it takes off one minute construction/ stocking time

    • rewyan

      .....very generous by Disney!

    • mutts

      Only on imperial levels, or is it now also on other comercial levels?

      • Truffled

        All levels get the minute off however you can deliver ANY Bitizen to the Imperial levels. You can only deliver the specific requested ones to the top.

      • mutts

        Yeah i never noticed that delivering a bitizen to its floor will shave off one minute of production time.
        I did saw the text appear that tells you that, but I assumed it was for imperial floors:)

  • Nycteris

    It's fun, but I don't think I will have a long life-crushing addiction to the thing.

  • RLangley91

    Why the hell does this need GPS?

    • rewyan

      So that Darth Vader knows the orientation of his Death Star.

    • mutts

      So they now when they clear the moon of Endor?

      I don't think it needs it, they just did not turn it off or something like that.
      It works on an ipad 2 wifi, and as far as I know that doesn't have GPS either.
      So why it will not work on ipod 4 th ot 5 th gen is beyond me.

      • rewyan

        It could've been a mistake, but don't you think they would've picked up on that by now?

  • Stobe

    I'm a little confused by the digital compass requirement. I live in a house full of iOS devices, and my daughters each have an iPod Touch. They've been looking forward to this game (fans of SW, and fans of TT). Now they can't play it. They are the target audience, right? Is there some feature to the game that requires a digital compass that I'm just not seeing?

    • rewyan

      I agree that it was a bad decision by the bros and Disney. After all, shouldn't they be targeting kids? Kids can spread a game rapidly by telling their friends, who tell their friends, and soon an entire school is addicted. I believe it was definitely missed opportunity.

      • Stobe

        You're dead-on right. I'm a gamer. My daughters are gamers. But the big difference is that I'm not telling all my co-workers about the cool new game I found. But every day my daughters are showing me something new they learned about from their friends at school.

  • Space Cowboy 01

    I'm tired of all these Jet plane and race car games!! I need a ride that not only has an engine, but one that has two tide up to my bucket seats, or a plane that can actually go out in space! We need a rogue squadron or a pod racer game for i touch 5th. gen. Bring back the classics!!

  • anabolicMike

    Hmmm I played this for a bit. It was ok. But like very game by this developer it has those stupid push notifications. I hit don't allow when it boots up and play a bit. Turn it off and the next thing you know I'm getting a push notification. No. No no no no no. I delete any and all games that give me push notifications after I tell them not too. I manage for a living. My phone goes off enough.

  • getsuga04

    sucks to not play it ipod...

  • nicoper

    I cant download the game for my iPod 5th generation running iOS 7.0.4 but my brother could download it to his iPod 5th generation running iOS 7.0.4, something sure isnt right about this... (none of the devices are jailbreaked either)

    • nicoper

      I managed to download the game when searching for tiny death star on appstore instead of using the TA link... This is even more confusing