TA Plays First Look: ‘Meltdown’ – A Cool Shooter With ‘Borderlands’ Nods

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Bulkypix’s just-released shooter Meltdown ($4.99) has a lot of things to love. It’s got an entirely touch-based default control scheme which seems really cool, but it never seems to take me too long to just switch back to virtual controls in all these games. I think I’m just too stuck in my old ways. There’s a bunch of little Borderlands nods from the way enemies are introduced to the way they barf numbers when you shoot them.

We ran into some weird humps in our initial play through, but, we’re super pleased with what we’ve seen so far-

Our forums really seem to be digging the game, and I can’t help but agree. Oh, one other thing of note- We mention it coming out “tonight," we actually recorded this video yesterday but drama with YouTube prevented it going up until this morning. It’s on the App Store now, I promise!

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