Disney and NimbleBit’s ‘Tiny Death Star’ Hits the App Store

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Lagging behind the rest of tonight’s releases is the collaboration between Disney and Nimblebit, Tiny Death Star (Free). We’ve fiddled around with the New Zealand version of the game earlier today, and it’s totally fair to describe it as Tiny Tower (Free) with several thick layers of officially branded Star Wars paint. The gameplay essentially remains very similar to the original, but this time around Star Wars fan service is absolutely everywhere.

Tiny Death Star is totally free to try, and at least initially seems to be just as generous as Tiny Tower is with its free to play model. Definitely give it a look, as Tiny Tower was one of my favorite virtual ant farms and I am stoked to get into building my own Death Star.

  • Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

    From Disney Mobile, in partnership with LucasArts and NimbleBit, the makers of Tiny Tower, comes an all-new mobile game …
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