appington-logo-175x114One of the best things that come of all the SDK’s out there that developers are using for various functions under the hood of their games is the neat statistics the companies providing said SDK’s can come up with. For instance, adding Flurry helps developers figure out how people are using their apps, and as a result, both the Flurry Blog and the Flurry Tech Blog are fascinating reads which have served as the source of a bunch of interesting news posts here on TouchArcade over the years.

Today’s source of “Huh, that’s neat,” comes from Appington. They have a platform called Amplify which basically makes it easier for developers to add sound to their games. Since they’re in the sound world, it’d only make sense that they’d pull analytics on who is playing with sound on and as someone whose phone is always on silent, the results were surprising.

Per the data they have access to, 73% of the people out there are playing games with their volume at 10% or higher. Additionally, only 3% of players worldwide are playing with headphones in. The geographical split is even more interesting: 78% of the people in the US, 58% in the UK, and 90% in China and Korea play games with their sound on.

I never ever would have guessed that these numbers would be so high. When I’m not playing through a game specifically for TouchArcade purposes and am just playing something while I’m out, I always figured it’d rude to have your sound on, so mine stays muted. Is that weird? Apparently to 73% of mobile gamers out there it is!

  • garret44


  • senoo

    I almost never play with sound on. I find most games have annoying sound effects.

    • {SQUEEK}

      With ya on this. Every so often i will turn the sound on to see what its like but then turn in off within 5mins

  • senoo

    And it's rude too so mute that ish!

  • Trevor

    I rarely play with sound. I try it on some games but it gets annoying fast.

  • Goggles789

    98% of people play their games while holding their device in their hands. The other 2%? Well, they are just very talented.

    • dancj


  • FIFTHSUN2012

    Agreed, if I'm around others I keep it muted, not off just low. On my own I hook it up to a speaker or headphones. The only issue I have with headphones is the jack gets in the way.

    • toxiccheese

      Agreed... I plug my device into the car aux jack and crank that shiz to 11!

    • bigjack66

      Get the small Sonys they've got a 90 degree turn which helps. They're only £8 and have really good sound quality.

  • Auxilare

    I never have sound on.. Most of the time its just annoying anyway..

  • pauldavidmerritt

    Yep, not a fan of the headset jack fiddling with my hand while I play. Also, if I'm somewhere public, sound off. On my own, I'd have to force myself to play with sound on [most of the time].

    • bigE1669

      bluetooth headphones!

      • iammane

        Same here. Friggin awesome 🙂

      • JosephWelke

        Agreed. Once you find a good set, you'll never go back.

  • Kane

    I only play with sound off, if I have 10% or below battery life.

  • Lazer Kat

    Playing a game without sound is like eating a hamburger without a bun...or something.
    It just isn't right.
    As a headphone aficionado, the real surprise here to me was how few play with headphones,
    A good pair of headphones is the absolute best thing a mobile gamer can buy, other than an iPad Air.

    • SumoSplash

      Totally. Why one would neglect such a massive part of the gaming experience is beyond me. Not only are you missing the music, but various auditory cues as well.

      • Jean-Denis Haas

        Agreed 100%

  • oooooomonkey

    I always play with the sound on, if I'm out then I usual have headphone in.

  • nonstickron

    Does it know the difference between the sound being all the way down and the mute button being switched? Or the game sound turned off within a game's own settings? I play with the sound on in games where the sound actually adds to the experience. If the music or sound effects are too repetitive, I may start with the sound on and then turn it off once I 'get the idea'. If a game has spoken dialogue though, I usually leave the sound enabled and use headphones if in a public situation.

  • JJE McManus

    Headphones all the time. Unless I'm reading.
    Game sound is that important

  • philodygmn

    So, 90% of gamers who play with sound on in public with no headphones are rude. Is that weird? Of course not, it's just true: you're not weird for caring about common courtesy. I mean, look at the demographic: young kids, mostly male. Rudeness surprises you? I hate people playing music through speakers on their phone/portable, and hate gamers' doing it even worse since most games' sound effects are so repetitive.

  • lanights

    I play with sound on, but low, while completely disabling music, which always gets repetitive and annoying.

  • JCman7

    I too always play with sound, a game is meant to have sound it's like watching a movie on mute if you don't have it on. Plus sound plays a key role in a lot of games I find it helps you to judge certain aspects like jumping or avoiding something etc..

  • whitestatic

    Hard to believe these stats coming from...oh I don't audio company? Hard to look past confirmation-bias on this one.

    • whitestatic

      Hmm now I wonder if they actually mean, of people that have sound turned on 73% listen at 10% or higher? That's a radically different proposition than 73% of all gamers.

      • ristoh

        I collected the data, so maybe I can comment: We're collecting the data from all users and from what we've seen 73% of all users have the volume at 10% or higher. The number of people with volume >0 would obviously be higher, but we though 10% would be a more fair estimate of users who can hear audio while playing.

  • fazered


  • michaelfields

    Bastion is probably the only game I ever play with sound.

    Oh and if I ever decide to finish Sword & Sorcery I'll use headphones.

    • Sebastian Gomez

      TWEWY is also an excellent experience with headphones on 🙂

  • dancj

    At home in my armchair with my iPad - always on.

    Out and about with my iPhone - usually off.

    Vibration though - always off - and if a game doesn't let me turn off vibration then I'll uninstall it.

  • ristoh

    We were surprised of the high number of people having the volume so high (I used to play with volume off as well), but this stat was one of the first things we collected before we decided to start building our platform.

  • phoenix155

    I mute mine most of the time unless I'm at home.

  • bigred447uk

    Headphones all the time while I'm out of the house. Well, earbuds. You can get a decent pair of Sennheiser that sound amazing compared to the apple earbuds for about £35.

    I always play with game sounds on. Sometimes on the bus to work I play a game with sound effects in but music off and a podcast in the background.

  • oldsnake

    Always play with sound on,at max,or headphones,a GAME withou music it's not a game!

  • cloudpuff

    Out and about, muted. At home it's usually on, the volume depends on if hubby is watching tv, if I really want it loud then headphones come out.

  • Jake7905

    It all depends on the game and the situation. But I always play with the sound on when I try a game for the first time, to get the full effect.

  • macaraher926

    I rarely play with the sound on. You aren't alone in feeling it'd be rude. Not to say that I've encountered many people playing with sound in public.

  • mutts

    The statistics don't say where they play there games.
    So if the play at home then there is no real reason to mute a game.
    En that might just be the case.

  • Sebastian Gomez

    I always have earphones in... That way I won't bother anyone and I won't be bothered either...

    F the world while I'm playing games!! >:)

  • bigjack66

    I always play with earphones on outside! I guess if you're playing crappy games you don't need sound but if you're playing quality games like Anomaly2 or GoF2 you definitely need sound!

  • Scot Damn

    I usually don't play games in public areas. So my sound is almost always on. I feel that playing games in public is "rude" for the most part. I guess it depends on what situation you're in.

  • tomj315

    I think that I'm in the 3% who play with headphones on... Even if there is a bad playlist on the game, I've had an idea: playing music from my music collection, so that makes double fun: playing games and hearing my music.
    When I got used to it, I've find out that I just can't play games without hearing, because it's like watching a movie without hearing it, you can understand it using just the subtitles.
    It's just isn't the same thing, try it.

  • Adsinjapan

    I don't get why most people just don't use headphones when playing. I typically use an iPad when it comes to iOS gaming, and the headphones hardly interfere.

    That being said, I do live in Japan where it is HIGHLY common to see a train car full of people quietly tapping away at their iPhones and iPads with headphones plugged in.

  • BrettArchibald

    Sound, yes. Music, no.
    Sound effects add a sense of feedback to events happening, but the music is just always annoying and pointless.

  • falco

    I always play with the sound and the music also if its good and not repetitive!

  • Jean-Denis Haas

    That's always a bummer to hear that people don't have the sound on. It's part of the experience. Take "Kingdom Rush". The sound adds so much. Same with "Sword and Sworcery".