73% of Mobile Gamers Play With the Sound On

appington-logo-175x114One of the best things that come of all the SDK’s out there that developers are using for various functions under the hood of their games is the neat statistics the companies providing said SDK’s can come up with. For instance, adding Flurry helps developers figure out how people are using their apps, and as a result, both the Flurry Blog and the Flurry Tech Blog are fascinating reads which have served as the source of a bunch of interesting news posts here on TouchArcade over the years.

Today’s source of “Huh, that’s neat,” comes from Appington. They have a platform called Amplify which basically makes it easier for developers to add sound to their games. Since they’re in the sound world, it’d only make sense that they’d pull analytics on who is playing with sound on and as someone whose phone is always on silent, the results were surprising.

Per the data they have access to, 73% of the people out there are playing games with their volume at 10% or higher. Additionally, only 3% of players worldwide are playing with headphones in. The geographical split is even more interesting: 78% of the people in the US, 58% in the UK, and 90% in China and Korea play games with their sound on.

I never ever would have guessed that these numbers would be so high. When I’m not playing through a game specifically for TouchArcade purposes and am just playing something while I’m out, I always figured it’d rude to have your sound on, so mine stays muted. Is that weird? Apparently to 73% of mobile gamers out there it is!