If you've been paying close attention you may have noticed that both Doom Classic [$4.99] and Rage HD [$1.99] were recently taken off of the App Store's digital shelves. Both games had incompatibility problems with Apple's iOS 7, and thus were taken down from sale, with gamers like me hopeful that they would be updated and return in the near future. Well good news as both titles have returned to the App Store this week with full iOS 7 compatibility as well as 4-inch widescreen support.

Now, Doom is one of my all-time favorites and I literally never get sick of playing through it over and over again. I'd silently held out hope ever since the iPhone 5 debuted last year that we'd get a widescreen update for it, but given Id Software's decision to shut down their mobile development in order to focus completely on Doom 4, I figured it was something that would never come. It sucks that it took an iOS incompatibility to get the wheels in motions, but hey, I'm not complaining. At the risk of sounding greedy, I'd love to see the rest of Id's mobile lineup updated, or at the very least Wolfenstein 3D Classic [$1.99 / Free]. And hey, how about that iOS port of Quake we've been hearing about for years? Ah well, I'll take what I can get.



At any rate, if you'd noticed that both Doom and Rage HD had gone missing, they're now back and available to download. If you've somehow missed them completely up until now, well Doom is an absolute classic and the iOS port is excellent. Rage HD is a visually impressive rail shooter that still holds up against some of the more recent graphical showpieces on the platform, despite being 3 years old, and it's also quite a good deal of fun for what it is. Be sure to check both of them out and cross your fingers with me that Id decides to dive back into mobile development someday.

  • PresidentZer0

    Is it time for doom 3 yet?

  • Site Untitled

    Please tell me that this is also going to happen with Wolfenstein RPG and Doom RPG

    • Debonair Jayce

      That would make me so happy. Wolfenstein RPG was perfect.

  • http://www.jeandenis.net/ Jean-Denis Haas

    I'd be great to see controller support for Doom in the future!

  • VirtualBoyFreak

    What I'd love to see is Rockstar doing the same with GTA: Chinatown Wars. They pulled it from the app store due to the same incompatibility problems, but it seems they are doing nothing to get it back to the app store... πŸ™

  • felipe

    Lot of bugs in settings menu πŸ™

    • felipe

      The game still no optimized for iPhone 5.. Thats sux

  • Jake7905

    Good timing by the developer, Halloween wouldn't be the same without Doom.

  • Debonair Jayce

    Wow. I thought Rage would be forgotten, just like its big-budget counterpart. Apparently not. Thanks id!

    (I still don't forgive you for all the problems with the real Rage, though.)

  • McBlink

    Where the Hell on Earth is Doom 2?

    • JindoFox

      It is in the app Gameception, which you can buy for a dollar and bring your own Doom 2 wad file. It isn't quite as perfect as Doom Classic but it is very close (probably shares the same source code) and it is worth your attention. You can also load up other Doom mods from the olden days, which is a ton of fun.

      That said I would love for Doom Classic to get the full idsoftware treatment and get the extra chapters added in. I like how they got the file size down, possibly by switching to procedurally generated music.

  • zergslayer69

    Ios quake would be awesome. Imagine having an arena style shooter on ios with quake 3. Sure the controls won't be as precise as on pc but that'd be awesome having 8+ people fighting in one map on the go.

  • all74

    Hmmm. Still not working on iOS 7 for me. The menu for new game is still all screwed up πŸ™

  • ElectromagneticMelaniePulse

    Is it just me, or are the controls in Doom Classic really bad? I think it's partly the lack of a sensitivity setting, but they aren't working for me, and I've managed to play Doom fairly well with all sorts of different control schemes (pure keyboard, keyboard and mouse, wiimote and nunchuk, PSP buttons) without issue. And I'm used to playing first person shooters on a touch screen as well, I finished the storyline (such that it is) of Dead Trigger, didn't have any problems with Deus Ex: The Fall, this just seems like a really terrible control implementation.

    • BulkSlash

      When it was first released the controls were pretty good, but things have moved on since then and they do feel off compared to recent stuff like Deus Ex.

      I suspect John Carmack would like to fix it but I get the impression he's been banned from indulging in his mobile side-projects since Zenimax bought id.

  • d4rqnyt3

    Rage HD crashes my iPad mini, waaaashhhh!

  • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

    I found DOOM very hard to control with a touchscreen. Perhaps it would be far easier with one of those gamepad attachment thingies?

  • saucybag

    Wow this is great news, Doom controls beautifully with control setting 3, the wheel based one. Wish that was in wolfenstein. Looks great in widescreen.


    THANK YOU ID SOFTWARE! What's amazing is if you already paid for DOOM back in the day, and had it crash; when you go to the App Store, search for DOOM; all you need to do is click "Update" and it recognizes that you paid once already and don't need to pay again! True customer care here! Bring on the DOOM POOPS again! (sorry - I get brutally honest when I'm excited). Tested and everything works. iPhone 4S.