TA Plays First Look: ‘Pocket God: Ooga Jump’ – Avoiding Poop, Meteors, Scythes, and Spiders

The original Pocket God ($0.99) is by far the most updated game I know of on the App Store. It’s pretty crazy, really, especially when you look back to what Pocket God 1.0 had compared to what it is now. Among one of the many updates to the game was one that featured a Doodle Jump ($0.99) tie-in where you could drag a pygmy up to the screen and do a super-simple jumping game. Well, that basic mini game is now a fully blown out game that I can’t put down.

Check it out:

The developers have posted an extensive explanation of the thought process behind the game in our forums, and they’ve got their own game trailer if the above video isn’t doing it for you. Ooga Jump should be available with the other releases at 11:00 PM Eastern tonight.

International App Store Link: Pocket God: Ooga Jump, 99¢