If for some insane reason you haven't played Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic [$9.99], hopefully its recent 50% price drop to $4.99 is enough to get you to solve that grievous error in your life. I mean, if I've learned anything from The Butterfly Effect, it's that one small mistake like this can lead to potential heinous consequences in the future. We effortlessly gave it five stars in our review, with most of the "issues" (Using some massive air quotes there!) just stem from the game itself just being on the old side. There's no Retina assets, for instance, because KOTOR comes from an era where a game running at 2048x1152 was something reserved for science fiction novels.

KOTOR features a morality system that hinges on both the light and dark side of the force, allowing for two surprisingly different play throughs of the game where your actions revolve around good (or evil) things with force powers that follow suit. This not only changes the outcome of the story and the party members you get, but also how you approach battles as the dark side of the force grants access to offensive abilities like force lightning while the light side gives you healing powers.


Seriously, get this game, or, if you know someone with an iPad who hasn't played KOTOR be sure to tell them. The single player campaign will take you ~30 hours, and if you play through it twice to see both the light and dark side of things, you're looking at paying just over 8¢ an hour for some of the finest Star Wars RPG action to ever grace your iPad.

  • Pivi

    Let's cross fingers for a Kotor2 release. Bundled with the restoration pack would be a dream come true.

    • speedyph
  • bigred447uk

    I still hope and pray this eventually comes to iPhone.

    • Site Untitled

      I came here hoping for news about that

    • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

      I would love it on iPhone, too -- with iCloud support, of course, so we can move our progress between devices. I think it would work well as a Universal app.

    • Earth Vs. Me

      I'm right there with you. There's really no reason for Bioware to not release this for iPhone. The only explanation that's been offered is that it would be too hard to play on a smaller screen, but look at XCOM Enemy Unknown and Deus Ex: The Fall. Those are both menu heavy games, loaded with small text, and they play pretty well on iPhone. And even if KOTOR were hard to manage on a small screen, I think we'd all be willing to deal with it just to have it on out phones.

      • Lazer Kat

        Or...you could just get an iPad.

      • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

        Don't do that, my cargo-shorts-wearing friend. An iPad would not fit in my pockets.

      • Earth Vs. Me

        The only thing an iPad can do that my iPhone can't is be bigger and more expensive (and play KOTOR, of course). It's just a totally superfluous thing.

      • roguewaver

        Have you ever had the opportunity to use the iPad in a non-gaming capacity? An iphone can do a lot of things, but it ends up feeling like a toy in comparison. Extra size isn't totally superfluous. It takes a touch interface from 'neat' to genuinely useful. Multitouch barely works on the phone once you see what it can do on a larger screen. An iPad is not something you need. An iPhone is also an unnecessary device. Once you have incorporated it into your life, however, there is no turning back. You've learned how much more than a phone the iPhone can be. The iPad is on a whole new level. You really don't 'get it' if you think a larger screen is but a novelty. My iPad is an incredible tool. My phone is the portable crippled version of that tool that I have on me more often.

      • Jake7905

        Yeah, because everyone has an extra 500 bucks to burn.

      • Lazer Kat

        $500 is cheap for a device that's virtually replaced my:
        -$1,000 TV;
        - $300 PS3;
        - $300 X-Box 360;
        - $1300 Mac Book Pro;
        - $250 PS Vita; & my
        - $500 iPhone

        I personally can't stand gaming on a 3.5, or even a 4" screen.
        Just me...

      • Jake7905

        I'm not saying it's overpriced, just that not everyone has the option to spend 500 plus on a IPad. Bills come first, and my income limits me to my IPhone 5.

      • klinds90

        But you can purchase a $200 iPhone and pay an at least $100 bill every month. Believe me dude I have an iPad mini and for $330 it's a really awesome investment.

      • JindoFox

        I have an iPad, and for me it's not about the money. It would be super cool to have this game on the go, in my pocket. It would take resources and time to rework the menus to fit the iPhone, but I would think that Aspyr would get that back via sales to iPhone and iPod Touch users. Maybe that's a faulty assumption, they would know their financial situation better than us, and perhaps going Universal would just be a money pit for them since fans like me already bought it for iPad.

      • Lazer Kat

        My iPad replaced my iPhone, personally.
        I use talkatone to make calls, and send texts...and iMessage/FaceTime for the iOS users.
        I just use headphones to make calls, no I don't hold the iPad to my head...

        I buy about $60 data / month, which equals 6 GBs.

        It isn't ideal...but for me its a good solution...

      • timmis6010

        I feel for non iPad owners and I think it's silly for someone to say "or you could just get an iPad". Don't be such a snob! Not everyone has that much cash to drop. And I'm sure a good portion of TA readers are kids who would not be able to get an iPad unless it was an x-mas or b-day gift or whatever. However, I do think that Aspyr are concerned about releasing something that is less than ideal simply to cater to people who want it. Doing so could bite them in the ass. This might be a weird analogy but I thinks it's similar to a specialized restaurant with a no substitution policy. In this age of sites like yelp the concern is that someone may substitute ingredients and ruin a dish and therefore have a bad experience and then turn around and write a bad review even though they did not experience the food in the way the restaurant owners intended. I mean I have read a few xcom reviews complaining about the playability on smaller devices. But I do hope they can figure something out and get it to the iphone because it'd be rad and I'd like everyone here to be able to play it 🙂

      • Lazer Kat

        I wasn't trying to be a snob.
        It's just if you feel so strongly about playing the game in a mobile scenario then an iPad should be something you consider.
        I would not want to play this sort of game on an iPhone.

        iPhone gaming, for me anyway, is limited to very casual pick-up-and-play titles - angry birds, and doodle jump type games work on iPhone.
        KOTOR would not.

      • Lazer Kat

        I think expecting a company to modify their goals and plans is a little more "snobby" than saying if you want it so bad get the platform its on.
        I really want the new super Mario game, but I'm not buying a Wii U to get it....and I don't expect Nintendo to release it on PS3, 360, or iOS just to make me happy. If I want it bad enough, I have to bite the bullet and buy a Wii U.

      • timmis6010

        I'm totally with you about it being better on the iPad and the only reason I'd download an iPhone version would be for the novelty I suppose. I also appreciate your point about platform specific games. I'm just saying that there IS the potential for it to come to the iPhone (as demonstrated by 'comparable' games that are universal) and so I think it's more than fair for people who don't have an iPad to hope for and request an iPhone version. But yeah, if they are unable to make an iPhone version they are comfortable with releasing, they shouldn't.

      • Nekkedsnake


        My thoughts exactly. there have been tons of iOS ports in recent years. aside from your examples of XCOM and DXTF. There's GTA3, Vice City, Chinatown Wars, Max Payne, LEGO Batman DC, Walking Dead, BTTF, Limbo, Bastion, to name a few others. All these games are on my iPhone 4S.

        I really want KOTOR and at $5 this is such a steal. but I won't spend $$$ on an iPad just to play it. While i do also have KOTOR on my mac I would love a back pocket version for my 4S. I scour mobile sites such as TA every day for my daily fix, and have some hope that Aspyr does all of us iPhone users a solid and make KOTOR a UNIVERSAL APP.

      • BulkSlash

        I think the reason KOTOR is only on the iPad is that it has a 4:3 screen and KOTOR was made back in the 4:3 era. So all the cut-scenes (both in-game and pre-rendered) were set up for that aspect ratio.

        To convert the game for the 16:9 iPhone 5/5s/5c screen would probably have needed a lot more work. The pre-rendered cut-scenes would have to have been zoomed in or displayed with borders on the left/right and all the in-game ones would need to be checked to make sure characters walking off-screen didn't just stop once they passed the 4:3 edge. All the menu screens would need to be extended to reach the edges of the screen too.

        It's possible the above aren't issues for KOTOR, but I know the recent Wind Waker HD port for the Wii U had to fix those sorts of things. N64 and Dreamcast emulators let you force a 16:9 mode and characters often disappear or stop moving outside of the expected screen edges and certain effects don't show up.

        That said, it would be great to have it on iPhone with iCloud saves so I can jump between playing it on my iPhone at work and on my iPad when I'm home in the evenings.

  • http://www.youtube.com/MetalJesusRocks Metal Jesus Rocks

    I finished this on my iPad Retina and it was just as great as I remembered. Highly recommended!

  • TheMerc

    Not going to bite. I don't own an iPad currently, but if I ever do, this game will be the first thing I'll get, regardless of how much it costs. This is 101% worth it at full price!

  • Phillip Nicewaner

    This is absolutely worth the full price. There is no excuse to not get this now, if you are an owner of an iPad. KoToR was brilliant and this version, in my experience, is considerably better to play through than the original on Xbox.

  • Lazer Kat

    1.8 GBs is what's always held me back...not the price.
    That's more than iOS itself.

    • Lazer Kat

      When I get my new 128 GB iPad Air, I'll get it.
      Until then...I'll have to wait.

  • Jake7905

    If they make this universal, I would have no problem paying the full 10.

  • epik5

    i have the game on my pc on CD. STILL A GREAT GAME! x)

  • Eidaven

    You can play this on an iPad mini right? I think I might get the new one by Christmas. Maybe I'll just buy it now in preparation for that.

    • timmis6010

      Yeah it played just fine on my mini. Do it! 🙂

    • Rivalsan

      Yes, it rocks out perfectly on my iPad mini.

    • Lazer Kat

      The TA review actually says they like it better on the Mini

  • Techead81

    I haven't played it because it's IPad only so until they universal it...

  • JindoFox

    From the Aspyr support page, May 30, 2013:

    Q: Are there any plans for an iPhone version?
    Q: Are there any plans for an Android version?
    Q: Are there any plans for KOTOR 2?
    A: Today we are excited to reveal and launch the iPad version of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. We have no other news to share regarding upcoming Aspyr products, but please stay tuned!

  • HelperMonkey

    I really should play this again. Last time I resisted the temptations of the dark side, but I have a strong itch to go back and just be an evil bastard.

  • Papa Deuce

    Can my love for RPGs win out over my disdain for Star Wars? That is what I need to decide before possibly buying this.

    • Lazer Kat

      I don't necessarily love or have disdain for star Wars or RPGs...
      But this game is undeniably amazing.
      I haven't played it on iOS...but yes, if you love RPGs, you need to get it.

  • swatbot

    Great game. The thread here really makes me question the spacial abilities of some people. Have they seen the UI for this game? It's a full-blown RPG. It requires a larger screen. You couldn't use the menu on a teeny iphone screen unless you had microfingers.

    • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

      Nah, it's no more complex than Order & Chaos or XCOM: Enemy Unknown, both of which scale down nicely. The wider 4" screen of the newer iPhones helps a lot, too.

      I'm probably dreaming, but I want to believe they'll update the game engine to a Universal app and do the restored version of KOTOR II: The Sith Lords in the same framework.

      • swatbot

        I haven't played XCOM on an iPhone so I can't argue there. It would be nice to see more games ported as well. Clearly touch devices can run complex RPGs no problem 🙂

      • http://www.googlepants.com/ Wizard of Odyssey

        It could definitely be botched, but remember that this game is 10 years old, and was originally designed for pre-HD 480i resolution CRT televisions.

  • Zenfar

    One of the best games ever created, just buy it now, especially if you are never experienced it all the way till the end...