dragonageEarlier this month we took a hands-on look at EA's mobile Dragon Age effort Heroes of Dragon Age, and this week the game has officially soft-launched in the Canadian App Store. During our brief hands-on time with the game, we came away with the impression that Heroes of Dragon Age itself was a pretty cool CCG-style strategy game with tons of fan service for players who are heavily involved in the Dragon Age lore. However, it's not a traditional RPG like other entries in the series, and a free-to-play business model threatened to put a damper on the experience. In fact that same freemium-ness seems to be the chief complaint from players in the similarly soft-launched Dungeon Keeper remake.

Still, I think there's plenty of potential for Heroes of Dragon Age to be an enjoyable experience. I'm eager to get my hands on it again as I really enjoyed my brief taste of it in our preview. And of course soft-launch periods are intended as a way to test out free-to-play elements, balance, and other factors in the hope of tweaking things before a worldwide release. I'll be hoping for the best, but if you have access to a Canadian App Store account you can check out Heroes of Dragon Age for yourself for free. There's a discussion in our forums and we'll bring you word of when a worldwide release for the game may occur.

Canadian App Store Link: Heroes of Dragon Age: Founders Edition, Free (Universal)

  • iValerio90

    Just another pathented freemium s**t...F**K FREEMIUM AND FREEMIUM DEVELOPERS!

    • Holcman

      What is wrong with you...

    • Taclys

      Really? Go away.

  • Taclys

    Oh, EA. You never fail to ruin good games for mobile devices.

  • FrehleyzComet

    Why do games "soft launch" in Canada? What's the benefit of it?

    • FrehleyzComet

      I guess my main point is why Canada?

      • o0oJAKEo0o

        I was just about ask the exact same question. If I were Canadian I would be offended.

      • Pray For Death

        Are you serious? I love having the opportunity to play games early.

        And to answer Comet, they do it to beta test the game in a small market, because they don't wanna overwhelm the servers. I'm guessing Canada is a popular choice because it shares time zones with the US and speaks the same language, though some developers prefer New Zealand for soft launches.

      • Nick


        In terms of similarities, both the US and Canada share very similar qualities.

        It allows them to test in what can be considered a mini version of the main US market.

    • sbnewsom

      Common business practice. Like a test run.

  • ste86uk

    I still don't know how to keep my saved game if I download the Canadian version then switch back to my own store and get it on its worldwide release too

    • Pray For Death

      Download from your own store on iTunes, then install over the Canadian version through either iTunes or iFunBox.

      • ste86uk

        How do I install one copy over the other?

      • Nekku

        U can only do that if a newer version is availabe which will probably happen if they will release it world wide.

        - u have DA v.1.0 installed from CA Store
        - if they release it world wide it will probably be v.1.0.1 or higher
        - now u will see the update in your main AppStore
        - just update, done

      • Nekku

        or iFunbox, of course

    • michaelfields

      When I did it for PVZ2 beta I changed my address on the App Store app, waited until it finished downloading, and then changed my address back. After that every update auto-installed with iOS 7 (beta and after) and I never lost my save.

  • iValerio90

    Just another pathented s**t...F**K FREEMIUM AND FREEMIUM DEVELOPERS!!
    " I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it. "

  • Hiraether

    Rage & disappointment. Another brilliant franchise dead horse and EA is trigger happy.

  • jForsythe

    Out in Australia downloading now

  • araczynski

    Has EA put out ANYthing on mobile that wasn't a POS IAP fest? More importantly, where are all these numb nuts that are apparently rewarding their efforts enough for them to keep dishing out more of this scat on a shovel.

  • RinoaHeartily

    Canadian are friendlier? Less complaints

    • Lazer Kat

      I spose' the incessant crashes at the load screen are just part of the gameplay, eh?
      5 stars

  • Biowhere

    Wow... I just downloaded this and played for about 15 minutes. It is absolutely terrible. This makes dungeon keeper(ios version) look like Starcraft...

  • anteye5

    I liked their last changed version because it focused on action I wish they had done something similar here.

  • LORE

    Huh? What happened to all the comments at the top, did they deleted by mods?

    • defunct32

      Comments have been disappearing for unknown reasons... No idea.. I'm just gonna lurk now, except occasionally comment here and there.

  • JRaynor

    wow this is just awful apart from spending money in everythin what can you do here instead of just taping the "fight" button?

  • Nick

    I have EA's new tag line:

    "EA..... We ruin games"

    I wonder if they can get the same VO actor that they used on their SNES games

    Sigh, remember when we heard "EA.... It's in the game" and were excited?

    So, so, so many years ago.

    • Taclys

      A lot of my favorite childhood games were EA. It feels bad that they've ruined their reputation.

  • ᏞᎬᎧ

    I have stopped buying EA games. Even if they are free.

    • Morgan01

      Going on 2 years since my household of multiple gamers has put any money towards any EA games.

  • LORE

    What's so bad about freemium, I love freemium, I wish I could eat freemium again and again so I can savor the flavor one more time and a rhyme that goes like this when me and freemium had first kiss, life was bliss and say good bye to stupid pay one time and enjoy life and play addicting freemium games there's a reason it makes more money and that's because it's more addicting and fun and ausome so if u dont like freemium games I guess that's a matter of opinion and a very stupid one in my opinion.

    • Xexist

      K troll

    • defunct32

      Please, you've been brainwashed! We were born to play, not born to pay.

      • chief78

        That guys' a troll....leave it alone...yes IT

      • defunct32

        Yeah, I know, I like playing with trolls as long as there's no IAPs involved, trolololol! 😛

  • chief78

    If it's EA, run for the hills! They can smell ur money a mile away and would nerf every game u own if they knew they could squeeze a penny out ur &$$. I'm still so disappointed with RR3. They need to just go away....

  • worldcitizen1919

    It's out in the Australian store too. The fighting is done automatically without any user input at all. You have to make your plan before the fight. Choose your fighters and combine them so to get stronger fighters. Also you can buy packs of fighters at different levels.

    The problem here is once the fight has started you can't add any strategies as the AI plays it all. You just watch. If you lose then you try a different combination or buy more fighters. So your control is limited to preparation. I'd like to lay more and see how it goes and how deep the game is and how much strategy is involved.